Leaf Bodysuit | Jade
Leaf Bodysuit | Jade

Leaf Bodysuit | Jade

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A silky smooth one-piece bodysuit perfect for yoga, lounging, swimming, and surfing!
A high neckline, low back, and cheeky bottoms offers a look that makes you feel great and keeps you covered. 
Pair with the Krishna pants or high-waisted ruched hot pants. 

                CO2Control® / Oeko Tex® /  Amni Soul Eco®
You're purchasing a sustainable garment produced with Amni Soul Eco® yarn.
The first 6.6 biodegradable nylon in the world.
Our technology utilizes recycled water with the absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin, audited by accredited laboratories and certified with the world-renowned Oeko Tex® label.
We encourage you to take care of your clothing.
Please hand wash your garment or choose the delicate machine cycle.
Let's protect MOTHER EARTH by being conscious consumers!