Greetings Tribe!

I’m super excited to share about the magic happening in the cosmos during this time, so grab yourself your favorite drink, and let’s chat!

This week, May 7, the full moon expresses herself in the sultry sign of Scorpio, opposing the sun in Taurus. This is happening in-between the cosmic occurrence I like to call “a retrograde STORM”, a myriad of planets stationing retrograde inviting us to ‘tune-in’. Always symbolizing light and reflection, this full moon is the eye of the storm. Traditionally also referred to as the flower moon, as it lands in spring and involves Taurus (beauty and earth) and Scorpio (transformation), this lunation emerges as a blossoming flower that transforms itself from a bud, shedding its protective layer to reveal the radiant petals that it has been incubating for a season.   

The first of these planets to station retrograde was Pluto on April 25. Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, death, and evolution. Pluto is the contemporary ruler of Scorpio so we will be deeply feeling into Scorpio themes of rebirth, authenticity, power, and truth. If you want to know how this retrograde reflecting the full moon is going to transform you (it energy lasts FIVE months by the way) take a look at your birth chart. You can access yours for free from Once you pull that up, check to see where Pluto is in your unique cosmic fingerprint. For example, I have Pluto in my 10th house, which is the house of public persona and career, so I am being asked to look at what isn’t working anymore in these areas, and release so I may evolve. You can find simple descriptions of the houses all over the internet to help you better connect this theme personally. 

Scorpio and Taurus are also money signs, they rule our relationship with money, Taurus being the hard work pays off, and Scorpio manifesting her dreams. So I invite you to take a look at your relationship with money and energy of commerce (time, effort, trades). Four days after the full moon, May 11th, Saturn will begin its retrograde transit. Venus will follow on the 13th of May, and Jupiter on the 14th. What this trilogy of retrogrades are asking us to look at is “what do I truly love? What makes me feel brighter and more full of spirit?” Especially when it comes to career, relationships to self and others, and to all forms of energy (money, passion, good health, good attitude, flexibility). It goes without saying that we are in a challenging time, and we are being asked to step back and really evaluate “was this truly making me happy”. Even if your life hasn’t been physically in danger due to the global pandemic, you most likely have been confronted with that “near-death” energy. It’s like laying on our deathbeds, evaluating where we may have invested our most valuable resource, time, into the things that ultimately did not bring us joy (wow, Pluto and Scorpio inquisitions much?). Now is the time to work with your abundance and what you already have (energy, ideas, passion, good health, good friends) and more will be added to your life. If you are adding value to others' lives, the universe will support you.


As a ritual I invite you, on the full moon, to safely burn a piece of paper with this energy written that you're ready to let go of. Afterward, burn some sage to release any remaining stagnation.

Sacred tools that I am working with during this massive transit are quartz crystals for clarity and manifestation, celestite for angelic vibrations, palo santo to draw in more creativity, and my Work Your Light deck since these transits can easily draw us into paranoia, fear, and worry. I am choosing to focus my attention on being light. I also have been tuning into my sensual pleasures, because when I tune back into these five humanly senses, I can realize all is well in this moment, because I am in my body, in the now. Essential Oils are great to work with during these times as they invite us to pause, breathe deeply, tune into our senses, and be fully present.

We have the choice to utilize this time as an opportunity to grow and blossom into our deeply authentic selves, with the blessings of Scorpio and Taurus. All while dreaming up the paradigm we wish to exist here and now. May you find peace, love, and higher connection during this beautiful cosmic wind. 


All my love, 


Deeply Dimensional


Olivia is a yoga teacher and mystic explorer. She was born into a blended Italian and Celtic family whose roots were steeped in Italian folk magic, yoga, and musical therapy. The awareness of the sacred tools became a part of her life at a young age. She started diving into astrology when she was seven years old, after learning to read, and has devoted much of her free time to learning about the mandala of creation in hopes to better understand the cosmic cycles and how they impact us all on a subconscious level. She now lives in San Diego, continuing her education in Neuroscience and Meditation, connecting to Community in love, developing her Deeply Dimensional brand, and practicing an eco-sustainable lifestyle.