The Frequency of Gratitude

We hear about it, we see it printed on book covers, we create bumper stickers about it... but what really is Gratitude and how does it’s energetic frequency actually contribute to my personal well-being? 

Gratitude is a magnetic frequency that radiates out of our hearts, combining the feelings of joy, appreciation, and love to invite a sense of peace into our lives. Place your hand on your heart space, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, then think of one thing in your life that you recognize as deep importance. This one thing could be small, it could be overwhelming, it doesn’t matter “how big” an impact it may look like, just hold that thing in your awareness and breath into that feeling. I invite you to take a few moments doing this before continuing with reading. 

Gratitude gives our cells a deep rinsing. It’s a subtle vibration that when we really focus on it, we can feel deep visceral aching in the body. We all feel Gratitude in different areas of our body, and this is always changing, but we can almost always pinpoint the radiation from our heart space. Gratitude is something we can always tap into, no matter how tough life can be. This lesson was really driven into my understanding this year. No matter the challenge that arose, I always had something to be grateful for… even if it was just the ability to gasp at oxygen between sobbing. 

Gratitude takes good moments and amplifies them. Gratitude also takes challenging moments and transforms the “bad” to something worth staying present with. If love is our born state of being, Gratitude is the amplifier that evolves the soul into a dimensional being. 

The HeartMath Institute did a study on the electromagnetic frequency of the heart versus the brain and found that the heart was 60 times more amplified in it’s radiation of frequency, and Gratitude is a heart frequency. As you probably felt in the previous exercise that powerful sensation was not radiating out of your head. But what does this mean? Well, Gratitude is almost like a magical ingredient that you can mix into the cauldron of life to change the chemical makeup of the world around you. We can tune into Gratitude as not only a compass for what brings us joy, but as a magnet to draw in more of this love. As two magnets that are close become attracted to the other, the same thing happens when we all exist in this frequency of Gratitude.

Gratitude is an alchemical ingredient for life, and there are many different ways we can access Gratitude. One is the exercise we started with here, presence. You can also journal Gratitude lists, poems, or stories. You do not even need to have the things you are writing down, only that you hold their vision and your appreciation strongly in your heart. You can create sticky notes with Gratitude messages and reminders and place them around your home as gentle catalyzers to hop into that frequency. 

This one is my personal favorite; use your yoga mat as your Gratitude journal and each pose as a moment to bless someone, something, or some event in your life. 

Gratitude will change your life. It has been modernized and capitalized into seeming “new-age” but this is a practice as old as time. I bet if we could talk to mushrooms they would tell us all the things they are grateful for. 

This year I would love for this to be the new frequency we step into. As 2020 comes to a close, can we embody Gratitude and emanate it for all to be inspired by? Can we magnetize our tribe through this gentle yet powerful frequency? Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be one time a year, it can be a living prayer, a moment by moment experience only if we allow it to be. 

I am grateful for you.

All my love,