DIY Frankincense & Jasmine Organic Body Butter

Frankincense & Jasmine Organic Body Butter

I have to admit, I am no pro at making homemade beauty products, and in all honesty, I did it for the first time in order to write this blog. But what I did learn is - it is super easy and simple and this definitely won’t be the last time I try!! 

I researched many different types of oils, to see which ones I wanted to use, knowing which oil feels good on my skin. I tend to have dry skin so I love things like coconut oil and shea butter.  I found a lot of recipes for body butter online, but many of them required a long list of complicated ingredients that I didn’t have at home and I didn't want to buy them just for one project. 

After researching, I found one recipe that looked simple enough, but it did include Vegetable Glycerin, that I didn’t have, so I modified the recipe and added my own essential oil blend. It turned out PERFECTLY! The ingredients used in this recipe appear in so many other natural homemade beauty products so I can now experiment with lots of other things!

I have to say that this was REALLY EASY to do, and now that I’ve done it once I don’t think I will ever buy any more body moisturizer! The texture of this was so soft and creamy and it glided over my body so luxuriously, I am in LOVE! And the great thing about it is, now that I have the base I can create this organic body butter with any combination of essential oils that I love! I am super excited to create all sorts of delicious concoctions!! 
If you want to try this yourself - this is what you need: 

~ ½ tablespoon beeswax
~ 1 tablespoon cacao butter
~ 1 tablespoon shea butter
~ 1 ½ tablespoon coconut oil
~ 2 teaspoons hot purified water
~ 25 drops of your choice of essential oils - I used 10 drops frankincense and 15 drops jasmine.


  1. Place the beeswax into a glass bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. 
  2. When this has melted add the cacao butter. Stir the mixture and once the cacao butter has melted, add the shea butter, coconut oil, and hot water. 
  3. Take off the heat and continue to mix, it will look like a clear mixture with a yellow hue. Mix really hard with a small metal spoon (or small metal whisk) to make sure that the water and oils become emulsified (that’s a fancy way to say make sure they are really well mixed and not separated.) 
  4. After a minute or two as the mixture cools slightly it becomes thick, smooth and buttery. Add your essential oils, while still mixing well and then pour into a glass jar and allow to cool completely.

    *This will last for 4-6 months and is best stored in a cool, dark place. 
    *Share your creations with us! Tag @Totem_Trilogy on IG 

Health Benefits:

Cacao butter improves the elasticity of the skin and accelerates the process of collagen production. Shea butter is known for its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil is incredibly moisturizing and acts as a very gentle protection from the sun’s UV rays. Frankincense oil is known to have a wrinkle-reducing superpower and is anti-inflammatory. Jasmine smells so delicious and is thought to be an analgesic (pain reliever).

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With Love, 


{Recipe inspired by the book ALL NATURAL BEAUTY by Karin Berndl & Nici Hoffer}