Spring is here; a season of rebirth, and the flowers are blooming once more. It is a beautiful time to reflect, excite the senses through fresh smells and bright colors, and create something new of our own. Here we invite you to do just that: 

As you connect with these flowers through the senses, allow their essence to speak to you. What energy is felt from the Dandelion or Rose? What colors are present? What emotions do they evoke? What numbers and patterns are present in the petals? How do they smell? Does that smell bring you to a memory? Receive these messages and add to your unique and personal Oracle. 

~Gather fresh flowers and prepare them to be pressed by removing excess stems and leaves. Thick flowers (like roses) may need to be carefully split down the middle with a razor or sharp knife to allow them to lay flat.  

~Collect any big books you have around the house (the heavier the better!) and some plain printer paper or cardstock to line the pages you'll be putting flowers between. The paper/ cardstock will help absorb the moisture from the flowers as they are pressed and protect the pages of your book, but if you're using an old book and don't mind messing up the pages you can skip it.

~Arrange flowers on the paper(s) and place them between the pages of the book. If you have numerous flowers to press be sure to keep them spaced out throughout the book(s) so they're able to dry quickly. When you're finished, weigh down your books with a brick, more books, or whatever you have on hand and let them sit for 2-3 weeks.

~While your flowers are drying, cut some cardstock to make the cards of your deck. This is a great time to add your own images, illustrations, affirmations, mantras, or messages to your cards! 

~Once dried, seal the flowers to cardstock. Laminating your cards offers the best preservation and durability, but you can also use a clear adhesive coating of Modge Podge over the pressed flower and entire surface of the card. 

May this experience remind us that regardless of what may come to fruition, Mother Earth is ever-present. Here to hold, teach, and nurture our Soul, to remind us of who we are, where we come from and return to. So may we create time to connect with Nature, play, and craft once again. It is said to be therapeutic and meditative, so come now, dive in. 


Brooke Flynn 

Creative Director of Trilogy Sanctuary 

Blackthorn, Amy. Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic. Newburyport, MA: Weiser Books, 2018. Print.