Autumn Equinox Rituals + Blessings ~ September 2020

Greetings Tribe, and happy first day of Autumn!

Today, September 22, is the day to give gratitude to Summer and all of her pleasurable extroverted energy, and to welcome the cooling days of fall which are enticing us inward. What a blessing it is to live cyclically with the celestial bodies and the earthly bodies as we do here at Totem. I bring this up because part of the lessons of fall and the equinox is to start taking inventory of what we have been blessed with during the growing seasons, and to harvest these blessings so that we can transform them into nourishing gifts to share and enjoy. 

The Autumn equinox is the balancing point between life and death, expansion and contraction. Libra season also starts today, the sign of justice, balance, and connections. This energy is calling us to connect with our tribe, share in our bounty, and prepare for winter knowing you have a support system. This is contrasted to the Spring Equinox, which happens at the beginning of Aries Season, which calls us out of our shell, reborn and independent. Libra season combined with the Autumn Equinox is encouraging us to lean into community and reflections for growth and harvesting. Nourishment is always better shared!

This time of year is also asking of us to start getting comfortable with being alone, as the winter months approach the nights elongate and time spent in the dark increases, we are encouraged to enjoy the last of these longer days now in harvest to prepare for the approaching coolness. When we take inventory of all that we have and have grown over the spring and summer months, we are existing in a space of trust in our own abilities to create something sustaining for ourselves. The point I would like to address here is to bring awareness to your self sufficiency and to start looking inward for the answers you seek. Just as the farmers harvest the last of their crops, ask yourself ‘what have I been patiently awaiting ripeness that is now ready to be picked?’

Fall is the time to enjoy the finer pleasures, there’s too much food to eat, too much wine to drink, and too much music to be played. Allow yourself to enjoy the harvest this year. One of the best rituals to have during these seasonal shifts is a dinner party with roommates, family, and close friends. Sit around the table and share what you’re most grateful for, and what you are excited about harvesting this fall. Allow yourself to get creative with the seasonal gifts from the plants and make warming soups, potatoes, and finish off the last of that juicy summer fruit. Sit in community and share in gratitude for what the earth has provided. 

Another beautiful ritual to practice is to bring lovingkindness to what may be out of balance in your life, and allow yourself to be present with that imbalance. We love to fix, but before sorting out how to bring it back in balance, can you sit in the discomfort for a moment? Fall slows us down, asks us to not be doing so much and instead conserve energy for when it is needed during winter. Take a look at where you may be working too hard and not enjoying enough, where you may be moving out into the world more than moving inward, and your relationship socially in contrast to business. 

Finally, start getting more comfortable with the inevitable releasing. We start out Autumn with celebration, joy, and playfulness. As the days shorten become okay with being more internal, drawn into the shadows, and embracing of the cooling northern hemisphere. Invite a full body acceptance to the passing of time and the unique lessons that arrive each season. Start to think about what you will be ready to let go of come the first new moon of the season in October, and celebrate it while it’s around, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

May these insights into the seasonal shift bring you peace, presence, and gratitude.

All of my love,
Deeply Dimensional

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