Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Virgo, September 2020

Ciao Star Tribe, 

Feels like just yesterday, but also lifetimes ago, that the moon was full in Pisces. That last moon was our end of summer illumination to dive into our dream realm and allow ourselves to fantasize about a life truly worth living. Now we are given the greatest gift of 2020 in this New Moon in Virgo chart and I am overjoyed to say the least. So let us dive in!

The Sun and Moon couple together in the sign of Virgo square to the North and South nodes who have been stirring the pot of ascending timelines since the end of May. This square is an invitation to take a look at all the patterns and neuroses we may be holding onto that are limiting our ability to move forward. We are quite literally at a crossroads; ascend to new paradigm or return to the same old way we have always done things. I vote for a new paradigm! We are being gifted clarity in this chart, so take out your clearest quartz and get ready to set the biggest intentions ever. This new timeline is the paradigm of peace and prosperity for all beings. We are making our way into the Age of Aquarius where all beings are free and living in collective harmony, only right now we have the storm before the golden dawn. I can’t help but hear my father quoting for me (from Batman?) “Livi, it is always darkest before dawn”, usually during one of my intense panic attacks. 

And that is the vibe --- we have been going through a collective panic attack this year! Only now the universe and the cosmos are soothing this intensity by not only consoling us, but offering the opportunity to release our survival induced fears and open our hearts to thriving. If you’re already in the 5D paradigm then it is time to hold space for all those who are in the ascension process and to aid in the facilitation of healing. This chart is activating lightcodes in the cosmos to be downloaded into our DNA and aid us in finding genuine balance.

New Moon in Virgo is focusing our energies on personal development, prosperity, spiritual development, and health. Virgo rules our work and also our pure state of being, influencing us to do the detox needed to release any anxiety, self-doubt, and discouragement. Tuning into breathwork during this time will be extremely helpful as the kundalini shakti moves through us, transiting to higher consciousness. Now is the time to release those bad habits and choices that we make daily that do not serve the higher good of ourselves, or the collective. Let go, and fall in love with being imperfect … as that is divine perfection. Let go of what a perfect future looks like and instead focus on what it feels like, tastes like, sounds like, and what it will be like. Virgo is earthly, so tuning into sensual pleasures like sacred smudge sticks or some resin on coals will better help cleanse the air and open up your senses so you can better manifest the esoteric into the physical.

We have assistance from Saturn and Pluto to remove any blocks and help us set goals. Saturn rules our long term goals and Virgo energy helps us break those goals down into steps that can be approached with confidence. Pluto is our power to deconstruct and reconstruct all that is not working and helps us move through obstacles. The combination of all this energy is equal to progress when approached fearlessly and confidently. Move through this time practicing discipline, patience, perseverance, and be open to new opportunities. These new opportunities are arising, but you must step forward, away from your past way of living, and into this new timeline (there is the North Node and South Node crossroad energy). Hesitation right now may cause you to miss an opportunity to advance in work, life, a dream, or a goal. Trust in yourself, trust in the universe. Tap into your courage, take a deep breath, and jump.

The ruler of this chart is Mercury in Libra which is the Magician in Tarot. The Magician informs us that we have all the tools at our disposal, and we have the skills to achieve our goals. Libra is the archetype of balance especially in relation to others and communication. When Mercury is in Libra the energy is diplomatic, encouraging all to get along, and facilitating harmony producing discussions. We do have a square to Jupiter here, so be cautious to not over indulge in that which numbs us. As I was saying earlier, now is the time to release all that is holding us back from truly stepping into our power and Jupiter can instead be utilized here to inspire us to dream oh-so big. Check in with your boundaries in relationships, where you’re saying yes when you want to say no. Allow your survival fears dissolve into the light as you create boundaries that are serving your highest good. 

This is the perfect time to set powerful, ground breaking intentions and goals. Make them so big you shake in your boots out of your ability to even DREAM THAT BIG then take it a step further and follow it up with action. Take out your favorite journal, and write down your one year, five year, ten year, and life long goals. Then annotate them with some divinely inspired action steps and sensual visions. Tune into high vibe foods, take a kundalini class, and recalibrate your daily routine. This is such a powerful chart, and such power requires your wholehearted commitment to the path. Fall in love with the sweat, the tears, and the challenge… it is your compass to greatness. 

Moon Mantras for this New Moon

  • I allow myself to dream up universes and turn them into action inspired creations
  • I am a courageous and confident being
  • I say “no” to what doesn’t feel right, and in doing so I am saying “yes” to me
  • The good in this universe is always seeking me
  • I allow myself to rest, confidant in my ability to discern when to act
  • Abundance is more than money, it is my passion for living and working
  • My breath is a sacred tool that unlocks all the codes I need 

May this cosmic download serve you well~

All of my love,


Deeply Dimensional