Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Taurus, May 2021

Dear Sweet Moon Babies, 

Happy New Moon in Taurus, one of the most sensual and grounding moons of the year! Taurus, ruled by Venus, is the sign of pleasure, sensuality, earth energy, steady hard work, and building the home of our dreams. Combined with New Moon energy, we are given an opportunity to look at what it is exactly that we desire to experience in our home lives every day, and focus our intentions on shifting our reality (and actions) to that vibe. 

This New Moon is coupled with Uranus in Taurus, which is infusing the magic of this moment with unexpected shifts and surprises. Uranus in Taurus is asking us to take some time and consider the way our actions and relationships contribute to the global health of mother earth. It’s no surprise that mother earth is the focus of this planetary dance, as mothers day precedes the New Moon two days before. Our planet is our lifelong mother, and the way that we connect, support, and honor her… or not…. are all coming to light this New Moon!

This is the Eco-Warrior Moon! A time for you to connect with the sensuality that is earth energy and see your role in the shift toward a more eco-sustainable life. Mercury is in their home sign of Gemini, offering us more energy to be innovative, creative, and think ten steps ahead. This Mercury energy, if not connected with properly, can cause us to feel a bit out of balance and lacking focus. If this sounds like you take some time to remove those shoes, walk in some earth, and ground down. Connect to scents you love, sounds of nature, and gaze into the magic of a leaf. These earth meditations will draw you back into the moment and refresh your mind for the mission ahead this next month. 

Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is also in Gemini and creates a challenging aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. You might become hyper focused on needing to know the facts and all the information before acting and I am here to tell you to LET. IT. GO. Now is not the time to worry about having all your bags packed and if you’re ready for this next shift. Taurus is the do-er, so do. Take what you already know and start acting with that, even if it is just small shifts like carpooling, reducing waste by skipping out on the Trader Joes Run (I know, that one was harsh), or finally making that utensil bag you have been thinking about for months to take with you to restaurants that don’t currently give you silverware. You know what to do, time for study and learning is coming, Taurus is saying that right now it’s time to take action. 

There are no planets in fire signs this New Moon, so it’s up to you to create your own fire pillar to uphold the elemental balance. Create a fire altar and imagine that fire filling your being with light. This will offer you the energy to catalyze any dreams or visions you wish to manifest this New Moon. This Taurus New Moon is teaching us to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and our own hero of the story. Taurus is strong, steady, and determined to manifest it’s home, as well as connect to the pleasures of life. Know that choosing earth is also choosing pleasure if you’re open to it. 

This Moon I would love to offer you some journal prompts to connect your deeper to your next steps~

  1. What is my favorite place in nature? What do I love about this place? What does it smell like, look like, and feel like to be there? 
  2. How would I feel if this place was gone, or somehow destroyed? Would I feel responsible in some way for not protecting what I love? 
  3. Am I currently doing all that I can to make my work, relationships, and play all environmentally aligned with mother earth? 
  4. What are three small things I can do this week to make the shift to a more eco-aligned life?

After you work on these journal prompts, meditate on anything that came up. Allow any feelings of joy, pain, worry, rage, or excitement to have it’s space in your heart at that time. Taurus feels everything deeply and fully and wants to teach you that your emotions are your power, they are your compass, and they will move you in the way that you need to be moved. 

As always, please connect with me on Instagram! Let me know if any of this aligned, if you’re confused about anything, or if you just want to share what came up!

Happy New Moon,
Deeply Dimensional