Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Scorpio, November 2020

Aloha Trilogy Fam! Hope you’re all doing well even if you’re being bombarded with karmic lessons like I am and staying centered and rising. We are celebrating a magical week this November as we have 11/11 on Wednesday, 11/12/2020 (111222) on Thursday, Friday the 13th with Mars Retrograde ending, and the Scorpio New Moon blended with Diwali!

Personally, though this week has been met with deep challenges, I have had the blessing of witnessing the rising of my soul above all the karmic weight I was battling. What doesn’t kill you makes for a great story later. This seems to be the common thread I’ve noticed throughout this community, we are all going through our unique challenges, and becoming the spiritual warrior this planet needs from us. You may feel like you have hit rock bottom, good! Rock bottom is a powerful place that we can use as a springboard and get higher than ever before. 

All of this “life, death, and transformation” is very much the theme of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and death, ruled by Pluto and influenced by Mars. Scorpio is a warrior whose mission is to usher in the new paradigm, drawing light into the deepest shadows of our ‘Self’. We are never truly comfortable in Scorpio energy, and the second we think we are something breaks down, cracks open, and lights on fire. 

We are in the midst of one of the greatest pregnant pauses of our lifetimes, savor that please. It is not easy, we are not “chill”, but we are full of that scintillating and sharp presence. On October 31 the portal of death opened and we are living with a thin veil ever since, met with traumas past, experiences asking to be revisited, and previous lifetimes lining up to receive their ticket to the new Era. This portal is open until December 21, 2020, the Winter Solstice and the Dawn of Aquarius. The Dawn of Aquarius is our new reality rooted in community, love, abundance, and peace. It’s a frequency that does not align with ego, greed, and suffering so anything in that vibration must die. Notice what is dying in your life during this Scorpio New Moon, what is being taken away and ask “was this aligned with my highest self? Was it aligned with my ego?” and get real, get raw, and don’t judge what comes up. It will hurt, it will wake you up out of the slumber of comfort and shake you to your bones - this is good. As we enter into this new era it is critical that we are discerning with the energy we are holding, because when the metaphoric gates open and it’s time to walk through… you want an ease filled transition. 

With Mars going direct, all the manifesting, dreaming, and envisioning you have been doing this last week, as well as the last eight weeks, will be supercharged. If this hasn’t been on your mind, take some time to journal about what you want and allow the universe to align to your highest desires. You still have the power of 11/11 and Friday the 13th even though the days have past, so utilize this energy to focus on the life you wish to create. Mars is a trailblazer, and if there isn’t already a road to your dreams... Mars energy will make sure to burn a path through the forest so you can get there. Think of the last eight weeks like someone holding down and pulling back a spring and today is the release, letting go of that contraction. 

We also have the start of Diwali, an Indian/Hindi festival of lights to celebrate Lakshmi and the triumph of light over dark. This festival lasts for five days, so getting a nice candle or set of candles and lighting it every day with the intention to draw in warmth, prosperity, love, and protection into your home over the next season and year will help you better honor this celebration. This New Moon is a very sacred day in many religious and spiritual belief systems around the planet, so honor it as such. Scorpio’s teachings call all to conjure up a deep respect and reverence for others. Scorpio does not impose their belief as the only right way and instead strips down the culture to reveal the sameness of all practices, ideas, and views. Scorpio teaches us to get to the root of everything and be comfortable moving through the dark, dense dirt to get to that truth. 

Honor the death and rebirth that is occurring in your life. See the sacredness behind change as the core truth of the universe. Release what is ready to die, mourn and honor it, then set it free. Do not worry so much about the details of it all, as it WILL be revealed in due time. Scorpio is all about truth, so allow that to radiate through your body, your life, and our world and the rest will fall into place. We are moving into a new chapter of our personal lives, as well as humanity, so use desire as a compass to indicate where your spirit wants to move. Notice if jealousy or envy are rising in you and use that as your “sign” of what you want. Instead of cursing the person or people you have these feelings toward, send them love and know that you can have what they have as well. Become solution oriented now, set the intention to move with an open heart and mind. 

Work with what you got, don’t wait any longer to start that blog, change your career, go back to school, or start that YouTube channel… DO IT! The universe has your back and is providing so much energy and power available to you as long as you tap into it. I know you can do it, we are doing it together!

Some New Moon Mantras that may be helpful:

  • I am open and ready to receive Truth.
  • I allow what is ready to die, to die, and honor that. 
  • I know the universe has my back and I tap into the unlimited resources available to me.
  • Desire is my compass. 
  • Change is the constant state of the universe. 
  • I have all I need right now. 

I hope this message is helpful to you, and that you are open to receiving the abundance you have been manifesting in your life. Use this portal as a chance to find closure in regards to the last year, twelve years, or even your whole life. Feel into the excitement that is your new life rising from the ashes and celebrate this change. 

All my love,