Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2020

It’s the season of love and transformation Totem Tribe. Thank you for taking the time to focus on some higher learning this December, such is Sagittarius energy! That is what this month is all about. As we continue to move toward the end of 2020 and say good-bye to the year that may have tried to break us, it’s deeply important that we focus our energy on the present moment and all of her potent medicine. Take the lessons, digest them, integrate them, then release the stories of “why and how” so that you can better embrace the coming future. Pay attention to what is making you happy now. Pay attention to what turns you on now. These will be the sign posts guiding you to your new future. 

We have some magic occurring this month, and no, it’s not Santa. On December 14, 2020 there will be a wildly transformative New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurring in Sagittarius. This Total Eclipse will be in full visibility in Patagonia, a beautiful and powerful mountain range in South America. The Moon and Sun are coupled together in the South Node, which has been residing in Sagittarius since May, and will inhabit until 2024. The South Node symbolizes what we are moving away from, what no longer serves our highest purpose. We must look at Sagittarius’ shadow to better understand the lessons that we are being asked to learn now. Themes of prejudice, self-righteousness, and combat are the essence of Sagittarius’ shadow, so now is the time to allow this Eclipse to fully transform those qualities within yourself. If you are reading this thinking “I don’t hold any of those qualities” I am here to be your Scorpio mom and say “yes you do sweetie, we all do”. 

It is an inevitable fact of life that we hold all qualities and potentialities in our superpower of individualized thought. This is something we cannot, and should not shy away from. Instead, embrace the fact that you are the highest good a human can be, while simultaneously being the most evil being to walk this planet. Understand this force of nature, and choice, that exists within you, and always choose the choice of love. Allow this Eclipse to illuminate the limiting beliefs that you hold, allow them to set fire and transform as fuel for your awakening. Invite openness and kindness into your heart and mind, move through the illusion with a royal energy. Transform your darkness by mixing elements that should never have mixed, be the alchemist of your life. 

The highest form of Sagittarius is the philosopher. Sagittarius ignites our ability of higher thinking, questioning, and seeking the light. Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur, half man and half animal, pointing his arrow at the air above. Sagittarius shows us that we can fully embrace all aspects of being human; our animal side, our human side, and the utter truth that we are Divine Spirit incarnated. Sagittarius is the master of his animal side and uses this as leverage to help aim his arrow toward the higher truth, trusting in faith that the aim will hit the target. 

We have Mars in Aries, the sister of Sagittarius, creating a beautiful and harmonious trine with the sun, moon, mercury, and South Node, providing us a boost of primitive confidence. We are also receiving the messages from our past self that are ready to finally be digested. Allow them to fully integrate into your being now, release and rise. Journal about this past year, or even as far back as your entire life! Hey, if you can remember past lives journal about those too! All of this will help you digest and release what it is that you are moving through now. 

This chart is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter rules our ability to expand and invites a kiss of luck into all we do. We may be feeling a little limited in this department because Jupiter and Saturn are both 29* in Capricorn, finishing up their transit through this sign. We may be clinging to limiting beliefs because of this and feeling a sense of urgency due to the sensation that time is running out. Breathe through these feelings and remain present. Saturn will enter Aquarius on the seventeenth, and Jupiter on the twenty first, the “soulstice” (my current name for this soul changing day!). Send a prayer to all feelings that may be rising up from memories, say thank you for their energy but then let them know that you will continue along this journey without them. Send compassion to the feelings that you’ve made a mistake in this life, that you’re not good enough or doing enough. Know that expansion and luck are here, only they are shrouded by the shadow of endings. 

It’s important to note that on the Soulstice our soul will be writing a new contract for our life. With Jupiter and Saturn ushering in a new twenty year period through the air signs, and 200 years in the Era of Aquarius, we are becoming someone new as long as we can fully shed those limiting beliefs that we are wrong, not enough, or bad in any sort of way. To ascend to this higher dimension we must fully embrace the energy of Sagittarius on this New Moon Eclipse and take a shot at our highest potential. Become not just the Archer, but the arrow itself. You may find yourself in a new relationship, a new home, a new job, a new group, a new tribe, or a new soulmate energy in the coming months. Trust that the highest reality is revealing itself to you. 

Though we will be experiencing immense challenges throughout this month and wild transition, we are also on the precipice of great change. Like a buffalo gazing out at the Patagonia mountains on his annual migration, look out at the world with power, strength, and determination.

Sagittarius Affirmations~

  • I release my past with loving compassion, I free myself from this energy now.
  • I optimistically gaze toward my true north, knowing all will be well. 
  • I allow this Eclipse to illuminate my limiting beliefs and free myself now. 
  • I take aim toward the sky with faith that I will hit my mark. 
  • I trust that the highest reality is revealing itself to me now. 
  • I stay present through the sharp truth of awareness. 

I hope that these insights bestow a sweetness unto your heart, and I pray for your light to be endlessly illuminated. May we all be the light now during these dark times, may we trust in the ever unfolding of the mother all around us. 

I love you,
Deeply Dimensional