Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Pisces, March 2021

Dear Sacred Dreamers,

This month’s New Moon offers us an opportunity to get into our ‘feels’, vibe out, and draw awareness into our habitual patterns and how they impact relationships around us. The New Moon is our opportunity to turn inward, to reflect, and to tap into our manifesting abilities. The Moon and Sun will couple together in the dreamy sign of Pisces along with Venus and Neptune creating a magical energy portal called a Stellium. This Stellium, deeply influenced by the chart’s ruler, Neptune, will invoke feelings of unconditional love, creativity, and sensitivity. 

Neptune rules our capacity to realize the divinity that we are, our ability to dream up our reality, and our desire to break free from the structures that ground us in the material realm. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and having this gaseous giant in their home sign invokes a deep seated power of manifestation through visualization and dreaming. Taking some time to script or vision quest your deepest desires during this New Moon will likely uncover potentially unseen truths to help guide you further along your unique path of awakening. 

Venus rules our relationships romantically and in friendships, and when in the sensitive sign of Pisces we may be feeling more empathic than normal to those around us. This can be highly beneficial when experienced in a safe container as it can awaken deeper truths that we may have been overlooking which can enrich our relationships, or shed a light where we may need to work through blockages. When conjunct to Neptune it is important to take some time to get quiet, connect to your heart, and inquire about how you feel without distractions or influences. Neptune can sometimes invoke delusions and dissociations so quietude is the medicine if you start to notice you are becoming overly emotional. 

We also have Mars in Gemini, which is sparking our creativity and pioneering of innovations. Gemini is always looking toward what is new in solutions, experiences, and manifestations. With Mars fueling Gemini’s wild mind, you may find yourself more inclined to shed the past and take a radical leap into the unknown. This energy, combined with the Pisces Stellium, is a recipe for true magic! Allow yourself to dream, experiment, and expand.

Mars, Venus, and Neptune are the major players this New Moon in Pisces as they are really shifting the Aquarian heavy energy from the last few months into something new, ethereal, and connected to something greater. Many of our planets like Mercury and Jupiter are still in Aquarius, so their lack of change is feeling more like the norm. Allow yourself to embrace the unknown as that is where your potential lies. 

Use this New Moon energy to connect to your heart chakra. Allow yourself to feel deeply by tuning into those magical emotional triggers like poetry, beautiful movies, cuddling up in bed with a good read, or a dance to music that is so beautiful it makes you cry. Seek out feeling this New Moon as the firework show of the year. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac so the next two weeks may feel like the coming of the New Year. This energy can be excellent to reflect on the dreams and goals you set on January 1, 2021 and inquire how those intentions feel in your body now. Things may have shifted and that is something to be excited about. Unknown is the destination!

Some New Moon homework for you-

  • Find a book that really makes you feel! My favorite is “The Gift” by Hafiz, share with us on Totem’s New Moon post what book that is for you! Books are better shared
  • Carve out some time to drop into your heart space, whether that is a New Moon Ritual Bath, a Reiki infused meditation, or a gooey dance flow! If you feel called to post on social media what you chose, please tag us! We want to be inspired by YOU
  • Make yourself a love potion; I have been really into mulling raspberries and blackberries, adding some premade and cooled chamomile tea, and topping with seltzer (Limoncello La Croix anyone??) This is such a delicious, buttery love potion and drops me into my heart EVERYTIME.

And of course… your New Moon affirmations!

~ I am deeply connected to the divine

~ I am healing 

~ I am my favorite lover

~ I am excited for the unknown

~ I manifest my dreams

May you dream up the life of your deepest desires during this truly angelic New Moon. I am forever grateful and hope we connect on the Social Webs.

All my love, 
Deeply Dimensional