Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Libra, October 2021

Happy New Moon, 

It’s officially my favorite time of the year; beautiful weather, overflowing creativity, and mystical vibes. As I write this lightning is striking outside my window over the ocean after a beautiful sunset, and I can smell the northern winds blowing in. October has always been especially witchy, and this October especially. This New Moon renews itself on October 6 in the sign of balanced Libra amidst a Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde. Libra is the sign of justice, relationships, and is ruled by venus’ eye for beauty. 

New Moons are traditionally a time for starting fresh, beginning a new project, setting intentions, and turning your desires into manifestations with action oriented steps. The New Moon in Libra focuses on starting new relationships in love, your community, or in work. These new relationships may be people that have always been around, but you never had a deep connection with them. Notice if you are being drawn to someone more than usual and take the time to nourish this connection. This New Moon is bringing up new karmic relationships that need your loving attention to learn, heal, and grow from. 

When the moon is in the sign of Libra we can more easily see all sides to any arising situation, and this in turn helps in the forming and deepening of relationships through diplomatic approach to communication. Libra wants to connect with others and build a healthy and stable community where all parties are equally taken care of. Because of this need to ensure all are cared for, the Libra person has a tendency to sacrifice their own self care for the needs of others acting as a sort of martyr (Libra’s shadow side). **Always remember that just because you may not ‘be a Libra’, it doesn’t mean you are not affected by the energies we are talking about, we all manifest each zodiac at one time or another ** It’s important that during this New Moon you pay attention to how you are caring for yourself, and if you’re putting yourself last. Take time for your favorite self care whether that is a bath, massage, favorite dinner, speaking your truth, or even throwing away those papers that piled up from summer! 

Mercury is retrograding conjunct this New Moon (aka it’s in the same sign), which offers all of us an opportunity to turn inward, reduce outside distractions due to technological issues (Facebook shut down anyone?), and break any cycles that may be creating stagnation in your life. If you have any Libra in your chart whether that is sun in Libra, Mercury, Mars, etc you may be feeling the need to reset a little extra. Allow yourself to be fueled by any situation that arises, good or bad. Since Mercury, the Sun, and Moon are all in the sign of Libra, working with Mercury Retrograde will look very similar to working with the New Moon. You’ll want to take inventory on the relationships that give you life and purpose and channel your loving energy into them. The energies that are currently present are truly magical for your relationships, so let them transform and nourish them. 

As for all the other retrogrades, notice any recurring patterns of suffering that may be rising to the surface once again and give them the time they deserve to heal. I have been listening to this amazing book called Existential Kink (it’s not what you think!) and the book is all about diving into those recurring issues or struggles and milking the pleasure out of them, no matter how much agony they may originally cause. Retrogrades put a magnifying glass to our struggles and help us uproot the insidious energies that keep us up at night, aid in our procrastination, and prevent us from living full and vibrant lives. 

This season is the beginning of our Shadow Work season, so creating nourishing and supportive relationships is essential for the coming months when events have the tendency to get heavy. It’s no coincidence that annually we have this season of relationships before winter and holiday season. The universe is perfectly set up to provide us with all the tools to overcome all of our challenges. What we nourish now, we can celebrate as the year comes to an end and we experience the darkest nights of the year. 

May this New Moon in Libra expand your heart chakra, soothe your soul, and connect you with someone new and amazing! 

From my heart to yours,
Deeply Dimensional