Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Libra, October 2020

Aloha fam, we are certainly in the eye of the storm astrologically and you may be feeling a little uninspired, frustrated, or confused. That’s okay, these sensations are meant to be a catalyst toward the theme of this chart which is balance.

It’s the New Moon in Libra, with Mercury Retrograding in Scorpio, Mars Retrograding in Aries, and all the other planets we’ve been chatting up since June (see previous blogs) hitting direct, but also T-squaring this New Moon. So What does this all mean? 

Libra is the sign of Balance, and depicted by the scales of justice. Libra rules our ability to hold the position of a diplomat in our lives, and gives us the power of discernment. Libra is an air sign that is ruled by the planet Venus, which rules love. Libra teaches us to balance what we love with what we need, and invites inquisition into figuring out just what that looks like in our own lives. Venus currently residing in Virgo is the ruler of this chart, so investigating where love may have been taken over by dogmatic thought or obsession is highly advised on this new moon. Venus is squaring off to Neptune in Pisces and is invoking a delusional energy in relation to our ability to make decisions. Cultivate patience and practicality during this time. Tune into sacred money vibration, honor your resources and be gracious for any unexpected blessings. Now is the time to take inventory of what you have, and balance accordingly. 

With Mars and Mercury Retrograding, we are not getting the full story in any area of our lives, whether that be politically, in work, in love, in friendships, in self work. Refrain from any big decisions right now, as any countering energy will rouse up heavy frustrations and anger and will intoxicate the mind. Now more than ever it is crucial to hold compassion for yourself and others. Say no to things that are not absolutely necessary, extend deadlines, and avoid being around anyone that rubs you the wrong way if possible.  Mercury Rx in Scorpio is opposing the sun and moon so we are really needing to find a sense or sobriety not only this weekend, but this entire month to better understand what needs to be released financially, contractually, or in love so as to make space for the Dawn of Aquarius set to break on December 21, 2021. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is giving us the opportunity to travel through all three layers of consciousness so that we can dive into the deep subconscious. Here we will be able to unroot any limiting beliefs and unnecessary stressors. Shadow work can be extremely potent during this time and a good resource to dive into for that is the book Women Who Run With the Wolves, as many of the stories dive into the subconscious and help pull any looming darkness to the light.

It may feel like we are currently having an ending and a beginning simultaneously, so inviting daily breathwork meditations that focus on cultivating and becoming comfortable in the madhya or the “gap” between breaths will help with any overlaps in the cycles of creation. This new moon may feel more like a full moon in this regard, so tuning into the events and habits that are reaching completion, and honoring that. I have personally been practicing breathwork daily next to the ocean with a chunk of Rose Quartz so as to connect my heart to nature… a critical connection especially now. Get grounded, connect to the source energy, and pay attention to any signs that may be arising.

The cycle of Capricorn is ending as the Dawn of Aquarius approaches on the winter Solstice, and the air element will be the dominant energy for the next 200 years. With Aquarius ruling we will have more nuanced thought, inventions, and a sense of unified freedom. We will hold more respect for one another, the earth, and all beings in the universe seen and unseen. We will have to change and evolve or we will be replaced, and we may as well start practicing now! The mantra here is “Evolve or Die” as invoked by my Kula on a recent trip to Sacred Shasta. 

With Pluto purging us, old ways of being are drawn to the surface to be transmuted and transformed. The questions to journal about are “What is changing? What is leaving?” Practice detachment, no matter how difficult, and lean into the sacred practice of journaling to help you mourn any losses from what you thought would be, and any relationships or dreams that did not come to fruition. Saturn and Pluto going direct are here to catalyze the transformation we have been asking for, but not without payment. Both of these planets require heavy sacrifice to achieve our desired outcome. In sailing, there is a folklore as old as time that requires boats to throw over important or loving cargo as passing over the equator so as to appease the God Poseidon into assisting your safe and swift travel to land. That is kind of what is happening now. This is Pheonix Rising energy. 

Now is the time to find the flow state of this chart, cultivate your schedule until the end of the year and really lean into that structure as an aid to expansion. Allow yourself to say no to what doesn't sound good, and say yes to the simple things that challenge you like waking up earlier, eating healthy, staying sober, and moving your body. This new moon is here to revitalize our lives, to invite new energy, new insights, new themes, and new ways of making decisions. Dive into a new hobby and let your inner child take their reins. 

May this moon be the catalyst you need to break any unconscious or conscious patterns that create polarities in your life, and may you find equilibrium and passion as we walk toward the dawn of our dreams. 

All of my love,