Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Leo, July 2021

Happy August and New Moon Totem Family!

This New Moon is particularly special, so grab a shard of Moldavite and let’s get manifesting. The Leo New Moon peaks on August 8, 2021 which is also well known for being the Lion’s Gate Portal. The Lion’s Gate Portal is a celestial occurrence that happens yearly when the sun in Leo is aligned with the star Sirius. This year is extra magical since the moon will also be residing in the sign of Leo, intensifying the manifesting current into a powerful, unstoppable force. 

The numerology of 8/8 amplifies the energy as well, and this day is considered to be 2021’s luckiest day of the year. Eight in numerology symbolizes infinity, power, abundance, visionary abilities, money, and success. When the number is multiplied by two, as it is on this New Moon, the energy is also multiplied by two. The shadow side of the number eight is that it can become overly materialistic, so check in with your visions and plans to make sure they are not solely about things and stuff, and about a deeper trust in the universal current of prosperity. 

Mercury is also residing in the sign of Leo, adding charisma and magnetism to our communication abilities. You may notice your speech is flowing clearly, powerfully, and holding the attention of those around you. Enjoy this while remembering that a conversation happens between two or more people, so make sure to check in when you may be hogging the spotlight. Though some people may be more activated by this chart, we are all still celebrating the energy of the celestial bodies, so give each other time to shine. If you start to feel like you’re being the one drowned out in conversation, give yourself the freedom to walk away. Instead of trying to cling to the spotlight, it’s best we find ourselves on a new stage, in a new act. 

Jupiter and Saturn are squaring off with the sun and moon on the eighth, so challenges may arise with the practicality of your dreams and goals. Jupiter wants your expansion, Saturn wants a grounded and solid plan, and because they are both in Aquarius they are asking you “how is this plan best for all people? Do you even have the right team backing you up?” Instead of feeling hopeless and resource-less, invite the resources into your life along with your visions! Use this challenge as an opportunity to see clearly where you may be lacking in your ‘support department’ and set the intention to fill that space. Challenging aspects like squares are like celestial weight training, they push us to level up and lift heavy. 

Venus and Pluto create a harmonious sextile in the sky, aligning Virgo in Venus’ perfection and practicality in love, to Capricorn in Pluto’s intense change and evolution when it comes to the life we are building long term. Allow Leo’s fire to arouse love in your heart and connect with those special to you, romantic or not, in a loving and grounded way. Venus sextile Pluto invokes passion into what and who you love, so allow yourself to feel deeply. 

This New Moon gives off Magician vibes from traditional Tarot. The energy asks us to tap into our unlimited potential and create the life of our dreams from that space. New Moons are opportunities to start something new, fresh, and exciting. Continue to dream bigger and allow yourself to get a little wild on this New Moon, knowing that whatever works out was meant to, and it’s okay if some things were not the right fit in the long run. Leo teaches us how to play, to create stories and shows that entertain us, and to eventually drop the character and return to your place as leader of your pack. 

Here are some journaling questions that may help invoke your manifestations;

  • If money was no object, what would I do every day of my life? 
  • When I was a child, what did I dream of doing? 
  • What does luxury look and feel like to me? 
  • How might dreaming bigger inspire those around me to do the same? 
  • If my friend came to me with a big goal, would I tell them they could never do it? If not, why do I speak to myself in this way? 

May you have a magical Lion’s Gate New Moon. I will be thinking of you all on this intense and powerfully transformative day. Let’s dance together at the next Full Moon Drum Circle! 

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional