Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon In Leo, August 2020

Aloha babes, I hope your August has been heating up in the best way possible. Leo season is typically the time of year where we can really feel into our unique divine expression and are tuned into the archetype of the compassionate ruler. Cancer season, which is right before Leo season, is our opportunity to process all that has come up in the previous twelve months... especially the themes that bud after the astrological new year rings in (March 20)  so that our emotional state can be wiped clean and we can authentically sit in that divine seat of power. 

Leo is ruled by the sun, our power center and root of expression, and when the moon is coupled here we are really allowing our outer self and inner self to merge so that we can better align with what kind of king/queendom we want to build. During this specific transit, we are given the opportunity to see where power is being abused in our own lives, microcosmic and macrocosmic, since Mars in Aries is Squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This square is giving a more Scorpio vibe to Leo season, where the shadow self is in the driver's seat making decisions out of fear, greed, anger, and pain. The rad thing about the sign Scorpio, and the energy her archetype embodies is that she has four forms; scorpion, snake, eagle, and phoenix. These forms manifest based on our ability to align the lower chakras’ survival instinct to the higher chakras’ divine channeling. To allow this alignment to manifest, we must revisit our shadow work that began at the beginning of the Astro new year and see where our personal desires and motivations are rooted. Basically we gotta take a long hard look at our ego and where she may be running amuck. 

Mars in Aries feels like warrior energy, in tarot, it’s the knight of swords. Cutting away the “stuff” and going after our goals. Pluto in Capricorn squaring Mars can feel like deep frustration and discomfort. We may start to feel that power and control are the only way to get what we want and that we either will be oppressed or become the oppressor. It’s so important to check in with power dynamics during this time so that we can better manifest from a higher space. Leo can be our medicine during these moments if we remember the core values of this royal being. 

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury who just moved out of Cancer and into Leo. This will open a portal to better express our deepest desires for our lives and the way we want to be seen by our peers. Our ability to communicate from a place of personal power will be amplified, making it deeply important that we do the shadow work this moon to set the intentions of living truly from the heart. 

Leo is the divine leader who lifts others up, leads by example, and encourages all their friends to express themselves fully and unapologetically. Our manifestations on this moon may come in the form of deeply desiring to become the best version of ourselves, to become a good leader, and to rise from a place of compassion. Now is a good time to set intentions of how we want the rest of this year to look career-wise and socially. We also have a lot of creative potential accessible to us during this transit so allow yourself to dream, to be inspired, and to open your mind to the unlimited potential of this world. We are wiping the slate clean this year, and for that we need wild dreamers to paint the world with magic and love. 

My parting words are this: 
Own your power, check in with where it is coming from, and know that being confident doesn’t make you a bad person.
Use this moon as a portal to make strides to your goals and passions... confidently and creatively. 

All my love to the moon and back,


Deeply Dimensional