Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Gemini, May 2020

Happy Gemini Season!

Today is the New Moon in Gemini, so in traditional Gemini fashion, let’s dive right in! Gemini is a sign ruled by air, and is the third zodiac on the astrological mandala in our cosmos. This mandala is a map of creation, when we dive into each zodiac’s qualities in relation to the others, we can see these specific characteristics and the role they play in the cycle of life. It’s 2020 and this new {Astrological} decade is beginning amidst the time of a paradigm shifting pandemic. What I mean by that is the astrological decade began on March 21, 2020. This was the beginning of aries season, the primordial sign of the zodiac, and the pandemic was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020. A very blatant message from the cosmos that it’s the time to restart since our social, political, and economic structures are now under great pressure, we can tune into the realization that we have birthed a re-start. 

Now, looking at this solar cycle specifically, Gemini follows Taurus energy. Taurus being the builder, and Gemini being the thinker. Gemini energy is multi-focused, creative, and constantly thinking. The air element ruling this sign is associated with the mind, and new ideas. Since the Gemini soul is so young, it has the space to draw new ideas from their internal ocean without the limiting beliefs of ideas failing. Gemini loves communicating, connecting, and starting new creative projects. What we can learn from this energy is to be open to the creative flow that is whirling around in our minds and spirits. Now is the time to think, to get creative, and to listen to that tiny voice saying “do it, try it”. Journal about what is coming up for you, how are you being called to rise up from the ashes?

The Gemini New Moon is usually a time to be setting the intentions of all the things we wish to experiment with this month. Only thing is, we are also amidst a retrograde season, and there are a few challenging planetary interactions going on around us. Venus is conjunct Mercury which can lead to a strung out {too much} coffee energy. Saturn is retrograde (Saturn rules our long term goals and plans) and we may feel the desire to dive into the next 5+ months. Going against this desire is the Venus/Mercury activity, which may cause us to feel scattered, especially since they are both in gemini with the sun and moon. On top of this, Neptune will be squaring Mercury, causing confusion and a desire to search for clarity. 

Don’t freak out! This isn’t inherently bad, it is just energy that needs a plan, something Gemini really struggles with. This year is going to challenge us, instead of feeling as if we can just “go with the flow”, we need to be putting in the work. We cannot just live as by-standers anymore, how is our lack of action causing the suffering in the world? 2020 is going to teach us responsibility, and we are being invited to take on this responsibility and flow within it. Instead of saying, “well this is how it is, gotta live with it”, we can ask ourselves, “what energy can I work with to balance and heal, not only myself, but all beings existing in this paradigm?”

The energy that we can ground with is Gemini’s opposite, Saggitarius. Sag is a grounded and focused teacher. Sag is much older in the Astrology Mandala, getting closer to the reabsorption into source that happens in Pisces, and balances out Gemini’s lack of precision through devotion to an energy much greater than his own. Both are thinkers, movers, and creators; Gemini has the flow of creative ideas, and Sag takes those ideas, aims at his target, and releases the arrow with full trust in the divine plan. 

To enter this space of grounded action and possible ideas, take extra time during your morning routine, or throughout the day to tune in. Take some deep breaths and ground into the present moment. We want to be open and ready for all the ideas originating from Gemini’s magic to flow in. This requires a grounded energy to hold this space. Become a sacred vessel for the healing ointment to be poured into. Journal about your dreams, pull cards, take a nature walk, and breathe into your inner fire.
Sacred tools that may be helpful during the New Moon and the days surrounding are; eucalyptus oil for mental fatigue and circulation to the brain, smudging with sustainably sourced plant bundles like palo santo or frankincense resin, lighting a candle and meditating on the flame, reading books like Women Who Run With the Wolves or Shambhala to tap into that primal nature and guided rebirth, or using a sacred mala to practice mantra repetition. 

This New Moon is pure magic, as we spiral deeper into the astrological mandala, and can be used as a reset, a release of ideas not manifested, and a return to ideas that may be calling your attention again. May you ground yourself into the energy of wind, the magic of ideas, and the depth of your soul.

All my love,


Deeply Dimensional


Olivia is a yoga teacher and mystic explorer. She was born into a blended Italian and Celtic family whose roots were steeped in Italian folk magic, yoga, and musical therapy. The awareness of the sacred tools became a part of her life at a young age. She started diving into astrology when she was seven years old, after learning to read, and has devoted much of her free time to learning about the mandala of creation in hopes to better understand the cosmic cycles and how they impact us all on a subconscious level. She now lives in San Diego, continuing her education in Neuroscience and Meditation, connecting to Community in love, developing her Deeply Dimensional brand, and practicing an eco-sustainable lifestyle.