Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Gemini, 2021

Happy June Moon Beams!

We are in the midst of the eclipse season with our second eclipse happening on the New Moon June 10, 2021. Eclipses are powerful celestial occurrences, and Solar eclipses are great catalyzers to a fresh start whether it’s something you wanted or not. The moon and sun are conjunct Mercury retrograde in Gemini highlighting new innovations, perspectives, and ideas in regards to the way we desire to experience and interact with the world around us. You may be feeling more inspired than usual, but the added influence of Mercury retrograding could influence your inspiration to remain personal to you. This more introverted experience feels right due to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, being in its home sign and brings about serenity toward life's expression. 

Although you may be feeling spiritually and creatively aligned, if technology is your means of expression frustration may arise, as this Mercury in retrograde has been deeply influencing tech, travel, and communication between people. Allow yourself the opportunity when things seem to be malfunctioning to step back, and connect back to your creative impulses away from the action. 

We also have Mercury, the sun, and the moon square Neptune in it’s home sign Pisces, challenging the innovations and ideas we are being inspired with to go deeper. Pisces is all about depth, fullness, and spiritual meaning and will call upon us to align our new visions this eclipse with these values. Neptune may add haze and confusion to the already muddled reality we are experiencing, and may even invoke a feeling of mystery where mystery was not invited. Notice when Neptune may be getting involved in your personal reality and utilize it to withdraw further and experience the stillness that is always present. 

Saturn retrograde through Aquarius is in full swing now, and lessons regarding your interaction with humanity, charity, and community may be arising. Since this chart is already so confusing when it comes to connection, allow yourself to step back and connect with already developed friendships instead of trying to work with new relationships. There is nothing more taxing on a new friendship than a wild confusion, and this solar eclipse will likely flare some of this up. For long term sustainability it’s best to focus your energy in places that are comfortable rather than move against the grain. 

The last major player in this chart is Venus in Cancer, influencing us even more than the other planets already are to stay home, connect with the ones you deeply love, and to go inward. Cancer is the mother and the ruler of the moon, and with Venus the planet of love and beauty deeply influenced by this sign, our Venus relationships are unavoidably influenced by what the moon is doing. The moon is maneuvering herself in front of our life-giving sun for a moment to remind us of her power and her importance in the greater spectrum of life, which is symbolic of our emotions and their power to influence us deeply. Cancer wants us to feel at home always, and emotionally cared for, so any relationships that do not align with that sensation will be gently, or not so gently, dissolved from our lives. Stay at home, pamper yourself, eat well, do facemasks and bubble baths, and enjoy being with you… the most important relationship in your life. 

Eclipses are beautiful opportunities to honor the celestial magic of the stars through ritual, here are some of the rituals I will be partaking in this Eclipse, may they be of inspiration to you!

  • Carve out words inspired by creative visions into a candle and burn during the eclipse (or before bed as the totality is 3:53 am PST)
  • Ritual Bath with herbs representing the sun, like calendula
  • Pull cards for the next six months and journal about what arises
  • Home alone dance party to get out of the mind
  • Meditation focused on communicating with the higher self

If you have any other magical rituals that you will be partaking in, please comment on our Instagram post for this blog and tag @deeplydimensional so that I can reply and be inspired by YOU!

I am so deeply inspired by you all and honored to connect each month in these Moon blogs, even if I am getting all tongue tied from this Mercury Retrograde!

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional