Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Capricorn, January 2021

Happy New Year Totem Tribe! I hope you all had a good start to the year and have been finding grace through this transition. Although everything may still feel somewhat the same, there is an air of hope and change in the atmosphere. This is the first New Moon of the year, and she’s residing in the unshakable sign of Capricorn in the Fourth House of intuition, feelings, and our home and private life on January 1/13. This moon is also deeply resonating with Pluto in the form of a conjunction, so there is this feeling of no going back and completion in regards to our decisions and shifts made this last year. There may be this feeling of a new life altogether, and venus in Capricorn communicates to us the importance of focusing on what we value in life, love, career, and community. Venus is square to Chiron, causing us to feel slightly isolated during this lunation, but is also inviting the awareness that we do not have to do it all alone. 

The ruler of this chart is Saturn, since it is Capricorn’s planet of influence, and rules our long term vision, the daily work we put into our goals, and long term success. Saturn and Jupiter just entered the sign of Aquarius on the Great Conjunction the day of the Winter Solstice. Now is the time to look inward toward your deepest dreams, and then look outward at the opportunities being presented to you now. These planets are pushing us to take action and are joined by Mercury the messenger in calling out to the collective for assistance in our dreams. Your energy may be more “floaty” than usual, as you adjust to this era of air signs, be patient and incorporate more grounding practices into your lifestyle like eating potatoes, doing yoga poses like the Virabhadrāsana series or Balāsana, and outdoor meditations (if possible). A good question to journal about this New Moon is “are my plans, dreams, and goals something that feels true to me? Do they feel outdated? Am I liberated by my vision for the future?” If anything comes back iffy, take some time to evaluate and reset your system and vision. 

Neptune in Pisces sextile the New Moon may also draw new opportunities, friends, and a community into your life. This is a rapid time for growth, so do not worry so much what your outer world looks like and really focus on your inner realm. Life may also feel like it is moving very fast and might become busy, find gratitude for this and focus on the excitement that comes when we have so much to look forward to on the horizon. It can feel scary to be in this unknown space or in the time of liminality between the doing and the receiving. Find gratitude for this energy of fear, as it once was a tool to keep you safe, and let it know that you got it from here. When we experience divine, purpose filled moments of change and evolution sometimes it can take time for our material world to catch up, stay present and keep diving into your daily practices that give you life. 

Mars and Uranus in Taurus are inhabiting the Seventh House of deep connection, intimacy, harmony, and justice. This planet medley is fueling our relationship to others, as well as ourselves, in an unpredictable way. The New Moon on is one of the last days of Uranus’ retrograde, and within 24 hours all of our planets will be direct, causing somewhat of a Colorado Rapids visual in our inner worlds. Fast, directed, and carving out the space it needs to return to The One, the ocean. Uranus is the planet of radical change and liberation. Mars is the primordial sign of the Zodiac, symbolizing raw undefined power. When both of these signs meet in Taurus, they are shaking things up in the way that we experience love, our work, and our home. We may be feeling the desire to expand and change direction, and the direct movement of Uranus will help those desires take form. Allow anything that is arising to come up and influence the intentions you set for this year as it may just be the evolution your soul is ready to undertake. 

This is the time to really dive into New Year Intentions. If you haven’t felt inclined or inspired the last few weeks it could have been that your energy was wrapping up some loose ends so to truly move forward unbound. Give yourself time on the New Moon, or the days surrounding, to journal about your needs, your requirements, and your dreams. Allow yourself to be picky, to dream big, to hold yourself and others to higher standards. What new rituals do you want to start incorporating into your day? What new hobbies have you been drawn to, yet not taken the time to invest in? What do you want to create and birth this year? Now is the time to lay it all out on the table. Own the statement “if they can do it, I can too!” while dreaming as big as possible! 

Some possible New Year Daily Rituals you may want to start incorporating are a daily oracle card pull, journaling, dream diving (the art of diving into and recording your dreams), a daily anointment with a new oil or perfume scent that represents what you wish to call in this year, or maybe join a book club (shameless plug here, for more information check out Trilogy Sanctuary’s event and workshop page!). Consider incorporating anything that makes you feel not only curious or excited about the mysteries of life and the future, but drops you into the deliciousness of the present moment. 

Journaling questions to aid in ushering in the new year and this new moon:

  • What is it that I could do everyday of my life and never get bored?
  • What is something I have always wanted to do, but didn’t feel ready?
  • Are my plans, dreams, and goals something that feels true to me? Do they feel outdated? Am I liberated by my vision for the future?
  • What makes me afraid to move forward? Where is this fear rooted? 
  • What was a project I started last year that I feel called to pick up again? 
  • What are my ‘non-negotiables’ in my life? Love? Career? 
  • What do I desire to give birth to this year? What are the steps to do so?

I hope this astrological report assisted you in any way! I am so grateful to be starting a new year with you all and cannot wait for many incredible blessings to come in all of our lives! 2021 will be much better than last year, I promise you that! Let’s keep evolving in love. 

Happy New Year!
Deeply Dimensional