Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Capricorn, June 2021

Happy Full Moon Star Beams,

We are officially in summer and celebrating the final super moon of the year, the Strawberry Full Moon. Named due to the sweet berries blessing fields and paths with their divine nectar. June is a sweet time for all and in the city we have the distant lull of music dancing over apartment roofs, caught in the muggy heat of long days, creating a sultry ambiance full of soul and nostalgia. 

Nostalgia is the vibe of this season. We just entered Cancer season for the next month and cancer rules our emotional home, security, and safety. The moon, ruler of Cancer, is in Capricorn adding strength, resiliency, and self sufficiency to Cancer's nurturing, gentle, and soft nature so as to balance various aspects of your life. This moon is asking us to look at where we may be too dependent on others, substances, and escapes that may be protective most of the time, but can also be preventing our great transformation. 

Mercury stations direct the day before the Full Moon and we are still in the shadow period of the retrograde. Communication may still be off but you’ll start to notice and integrate any lessons learned the last three weeks, revealing a new outlook in the way we communicate and innovate. Notice when your words are cutting others down instead of focusing on how you want to expand and evolve. When creativity is underdeveloped and not acted upon it manifests as envy and self righteousness. 

Venus is in Cancer and Mars is in Leo so romantic relationships may be heating up, resulting from the endearing energy of Cancer and the wild, romantic presence of Leo. Allow yourself to be held and cared for by your lover, and reciprocate that love with joy. If you are currently unpartnered then focus this love on your own relationship to self. You are so worthy of being loved, cared for, and appreciated. Give this to yourself or connect with a close friend that always makes you feel like a star. 

Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograding, and Neptune is set to retrograde by the end of the week. The big, far away planets subtly influence your evolution and can be connected with whenever you desire to do the work. To work with retrograding Jupiter in Pisces, as well as Neptune in Pisces almost retrograde, connect to the flow of coincidences that ultimately lead to your spiritual evolution. Observe the way the topic of death expands our true self into the magic of the universe. 

To work with retrograding Saturn in Aquarius, evaluate how your work and the empire you’re building affects your community and the world. Are you keeping humanitarian values in mind while creating your personal dreams? Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and thus is the ruler of this chart and celestial experience. Working with the Saturn Retrograde will be an auspicious practice worth considering. 

Journal prompts to connect you to the potential magic of this Full Moon:

  • How can I find better balance between my home life and work life?
  • What activities and habits nourish my soul and make me feel safe?
  • What activities and actions empower me and boost my confidence?
  • What is my relationship to death, endings, and surrender?
  • How might I be holding on too tightly to someone or something, and can I release and trust the perfection of the universe?

May these insights inspire you. May they wrap you into the warm embrace of the mother and provide a bit of guidance for this transformative super moon.

Happy Summer Moon Beams!

Deeply Dimensional