Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Cancer, June 2020

Aloha tribe,

I hope you are doing well, drinking water, and staying nourished with our plant allies. We open the last full week of June with a magnificent New Moon Cancerian Eclipse. I don’t know about you, but my tears already started flowing in that nostalgic, throat chakra medicine. Cancer season can be quite emotional for all of us, and sometimes we do not even know where that emotion is arising from. It doesn’t really matter where, just that we stay unblocked and let it flow. This New Moon Eclipse portal will be happening at 00 degrees Cancer. When a celestial event transpires in the first few degrees of a sign, we are going to feel those lessons amplified. We have the opportunity to listen to the messages coming through from the divine archetype with crystal clarity.

Cancer is the archetype of the mother, she is the nurturer, and symbolizes our need to feel at home in the world. When I think of cancer, I think of that soft, sweet, angelic womb space in which all of life reigns from. Cancer’s symbol is the crab, a being that carries her home around everywhere she goes. The lesson we can take from this for the beginning of the season is to stay prepared for anything coming our way. Pack snacks, water, crystals, and your journal. Beyond our need for physical comfort, this new moon is a perfect opportunity to ask yourself “do I feel safe in this new world? If not, what choices can I make to create that safety? What feelings and memories are arising around the word ‘safe’?” Tune into your connection to your mother, your family, and the place you feel most attached to from when you were growing up. Notice your connection to all of these spaces and if anything is desiring to come through divine intervention. 

The moon will be ruling this eclipse, the moon being the most shapeshifting and rapidly changing sign of the solar system we inhabit. The moon changes signs every two and a half days, and altars our tides, blood, and in women-- our menstrual cycle. When the moon creates an eclipse in her home sign of Cancer, we can expect to have our emotional body well up and ask of us the respect and acknowledgment that it deserves. The North Node is still in Gemini during the eclipse, so downloads about the direction we are headed, innovation, and experimentation of the future will still be imparted. Take time to journal, meditate, and practice self-care during this time, and if you can incorporate water even better (vegan mylk and rose bath anyone?). Take care of your skin, use your favorite lotion, and I highly recommend getting a crystal roller, as it will help with any skin puffiness… especially after that cry session from seeing two birds sitting together on a tree branch, or seeing a little bumblebee pollinate some beautiful dune evening primrose that are dusting the Southern Californian lands right now. Take care of your body during the eclipse, as it’s your home base. 

Eclipses are known for being portals into galactic universes, with the potential to align parallel universes. This eclipse especially will be helping us bring light to what is out of alignment to our deep, emotional heart-song. This eclipse will be inconjunct Saturn retrograde in 00 degrees Aquarius. This is quite contrasting to the angelic Cancerian vibes we’ve just been discussing, as Saturn in Aquarius is like a cold dark day where the snow has become sloshed and brittle, and we are having our faces pierced with sharp snowflakes. Saturn in Aquarius revolutionizes our social interactions and teaches us that our greatest work will not be done under the watchful eyes of others and will require that hardcore devotion that forces us out of bed at 5am to face that to-do list. 

Saturn teaches us self responsibility and asks of us to let go of what others are doing and focus solely on our work, stay in your own lane. Saturn is liberating to our human soul, but not because we say “vegan-fudge it!” ...instead because of the deep responsibility we infuse into our career and emotional commitments. Aquarius is the sign of the human race, it is the collective, and the one that brings the wisdom. The downside to this is Aquarius asks of praise and virtue, where we are in a world where that is only going to set us back if it’s the thing that’s fueling us. This placement can feel cold and lacking emotion, in contrast to that deep feeling of the sun and moon in Cancer. We are being asked to tune into what drives us, to become aware of the shadow the collective may be casting on us, and to bring light to allow our vision to blossom. We need to tune into where we may have given up self-care to tend to the needs of the collective consciousness and to first fill up our cup with that Aquarian nectar flowing from the planet Saturn until June first. June first Saturn will retrograde into Capricorn, and we will be revolutionizing the work we do in the world. We have already started to feel this, as many have tuned back into the work we feel enlivened doing; just make sure you’re not using work as an escape mechanism. 

Even though the energy of revolution may feel like it is dying down, and the heightened sense of anxiety and fear are returning to their balanced state does not mean we are failing. This is actually a good thing, as we can start making decisions and action steps based on logic rather than emotions. We are entering a new phase of creation. As I have said in previous blogs; 2020 is a year of new vision. We are going to be feeling each sign, and their medicine, to the fullest expression. Part of the Cancerian expression is that of the Lumerian people; stargazers, mothers, and aquatic breathers. We are moving into emotions, taking care of ourselves so that we better know how to take care of others. If you are reading this, you are one of the beings meant to usher in this new paradigm. Not everyone is going to be ready, so it’s up to you to learn how to take care of yourself so that you can be this for those who may be hyper-focused in other areas of the shift (we all have our roles), while knowing your limit. Keep doing your meditations, prayers, and connecting to loved ones. Keep asking yourself “is this right, is this kind, is this true?” Keep spreading love and awareness to all you meet. If you greet each moment with love, you are on the right path. 

May you find peace and serenity,
Deeply Dimensional