Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Cancer, July 2021

Hello Astro-babes, 

Happy New Moon in Cancer, one of the most potent and magical new moons of the year! The moon is Cancer’s home sky relic, and when residing in this harmonious connection, with the addition of the sun also in Cancer, the crab’s lessons are that much more potent. Cancer calls us home, activating our parental relationships, and in particular the mother-bond. Mother energy is nourishing and births us into this world. Even if you don’t have a relationship with your own mother, look at how this mother energy shows up, or not, in your life and consider sitting with what needs to be seen, loved, and cared for energetically so that you may feel more at home in your being. 

The Cancer new moon is a powerful time for setting intentions for the next month, especially in love and friendships. This chart is activating our ability to magnetize a soul family, or deepen already existing relationships. If you are craving true love, this moon is perfect to figure out what kind of partner would be the most joyful to spend your life with and to start drawing them into your energy field. Notice any synchronicities, random meetings of the eye, or repeated run-ins as signs from the universe to connect with that person. By doing the healing work with the mother, you will feel safer and more activated when engaging in the sometimes frightening introduction of self to another soul. Luckily, when intuitive cancer inoculates the sky, your ability to discern and feel into what’s right is heightened. Listen to those signs!

Cancer is the cardinal sign of summer. Cardinal signs are the activators and the instigators to each season, Cancer kicking off the summer so that a new story may be written. Although summer may feel extroverted and active, there is still a call home so that we can harness a feeling of security. If this season has felt like life is moving too fast, take a look at your schedule and see if you are spending more time out then in. Take a yin yoga class, slow down, and listen to what the inner mother wants to tell you. The downloads are waiting for you to kick start your summer and to know the direction in which you need to go, all you have to do is listen. Summer is the season of watering our seeds, longer hours of light to fuel our work, and to enjoy life… What does that look like to you this year?

Venus and Mars are activating our passions and love in the fiery sign of Leo on this new moon. This placement adds the needed fuel to the fire to get involved with the activities that bring you joy so that you can meet your soul family, soul mate, and most importantly the Self within the self. Follow your desires and passions, they are a roadmap to your awakening. Notice if anything that once brought you joy now feels a bit heavy, set it down, and pick up something new. By doing this, you will find yourself surrounded by those you have been calling to in the dream realm. If you’re unsure what your passions are, or if you are feeling uninspired right now, allow this new moon to be the opportunity to set the intentions to reconnect with what brings you excitement. 

New Moon Journal Prompts

  • Do I feel safe in my body? If not, what actions can I take to feel safe? 
  • What brings me joy, passion, and pleasure? 
  • What does my ideal community look like, feel like, live like? 
  • What does my ideal partner look like, feel like, and live like?
  • Am I doing things because I’ve always done them, or because they bring me joy?

May this new moon activate your home life, community, and passions! May you feel safe, secure, and at home in all that you do. 

Blessed be, 

Deeply Dimensional