Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Cancer, July 2020

Aloha Family, we are now halfway through July, and days away from the Sun entering Leo! So as is the theme of 2020, we have a little bit more to learn from the current astrological sign we are in… Cancer.

Cancer is the mother, the home, and ruler of our emotional tides and security. We feel a lot of nostalgia when in the sign of cancer, and since this is our second New Moon in the sign of Cancer this summer, we are getting a deja-vu vibe. We have the Sun/Moon facing off to Saturn in Capricorn teaching us how we can better honor our emotions while at the same time devoting ourselves to the impressive self-discipline that helps us create our future. We may have the tendency to feel personally attacked by our own goals during this time, as well as the collective, but the key to milking this time for all it’s worth is paying attention to those moments we feel triggered, and diving into them. 

Some questions to journal about that may be helpful:

  1. How do I feel emotionally about the work I choose to do in this world? Is it providing me the security I crave or is my work actually inviting scarcity mindset?
  2. Where might I be allowing my fear block true progress in regards to building a future I am proud of and safe to exist in?
  3. Who am I now? Who do I desire to become? Invite all of our senses and emotions for this question

We are being asked to really sit with and look at where we may be feeling less than, and desiring to hide. When I feel into this time in the astrological mandala, I am seeing a dark and stormy night at sea on a sailboat. Maybe you had been feeling lost, without wind for too long, and suddenly a big gust begins to carry you, only it becomes destructive and frightening as rain hails down like pellets, and the winds begin to turn your world sideways. We are in the middle of this squall, and being asked to buckle down, work with what we know, and embrace the fear... since fear is an indicator of our powerful desire to live. 

Once we get through this squall, the sun will rise, the sky will open, and the island that is housing our sacred treasure will be revealed. We only need to brace the storm a little while longer and work with our fellow sailors to safely guide our boat through the dark night. 

It’s no mistake that we are receiving lessons of Cancer twice in one month. As a society, we have become deeply disconnected from the mother. The last 18 months have been teaching us the importance of her guidance in regards to our dharma. The year 2020 is about solidifying the last 18 months into personal and collective growth and utilizing each of the notches in our celestial sky as guiding points on our compass to where we may find the most growth. 

We also have Mercury in Cancer squaring off to Mars in Aries, so now is not the time to be expressing your deepest desires, feelings, and pains to the world. This will only result in frustration and anger as emotions heighten and meet the fiery combustion of Mars in Aries. The order is to ‘Stay at Home’ for the time being, to dive into our shadow and learn to love the parts of ourselves we find less than lovable. It’s time to feel the fear and anxiety and extract the medicine from all we try to numb out.

I have provided some affirmations from the book Heal your Mind by Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay that may help during this turbulent time:
I love life, it is safe to live.
✦ I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself.
✦ My heart beats to the rhythm of love.
✦ I am willing to change the patterns in me that created this condition. I love and approve of myself. I am safe.

You can write one, a few, or all of these in your journal. Write them on a sticky note posted around your home, or practice repetition with a set of mala beads until you feel into the healing vibration of those words. 

Another beautiful ritual to practice on the new moon is to gather one, or many, of these affirmations, a candle, and clear quartz. Light the candle in honor of the light that always appears in the darkest hour, write your affirmations down, and then speak them into your quartz crystal. Quartz is a master manifestor, and what you speak into the crystal will amplify outward. Keep your quartz around or in a sacred space in your home for the next month, remembering your affirmation whenever you gaze into the clarity of the crystal. 

I am sending you all of my love, support, and encouragement during this strange time. You can do it, you are resilient and strong. May you become the purest light so that when we all unite we are dancing ecstatically through the waves of creation.

All my love, 


Deeply Dimensional