Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Aries, October 2020

Hi babes! Welcome back to this beautiful corner of the interwebs. I am so excited to be diving into this reading with y’all, so let’s get in!

We have the powerful Harvest Full Moon in Aries this week, October 1, kicking off the month with a pow. Throughout time, this moon has always been a guiding light to farmers pulling the last of the crops before it becomes too cold. The harvest moon is cool because instead of a moon rising fifty minutes after sunset, the moon illuminates the sky thirty minutes after sunset. This would provide light to the farmers when there was no electricity, and would illuminate the nourishment ready to be picked.

Now, we may not be farming crops but we are all growing our beautiful, unique lives and so this moon invokes much of the same energy. Two weeks ago, on the Virgo New Moon we were given an abundant gift of energy from the cosmos, full of potential to set intentions guiding us on a path worth living. Full Moons illuminate what needs to go in our lives so that we may achieve our goals set on the New Moon. Look back on journal entries from that week, this will bring you clarity on what is currently obstructing your path towards your highest vibrational dreams. 

This moon is also the divine reflection of the Aries New Moon from six months ago, when we started on this 2020 Hero’s Journey! The astrological New Year begins in March on the first New Moon in Aries every year, and this year marked an astrological decade that set us on fire. We got shut in and turned on, forced to move through the smokey ashes of the shadow realm and pull out our inner survivors. While this fire is still raging, as shown very literally in the California Fire Season, we are starting to see rain clouds approaching. 

I invite you to take some time this week to think back to six months ago, when we really started the global shut down. What were you doing, thinking, feeling, and manifesting? What is still around and what fell away? Taking inventory of what has risen from the ashes since then and deeply feeling gratitude for the blessings that came through during this tumultuous time… even if it was just a stranger in line who bought you a cup of coffee. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, which holds the qualities of leadership, courage, adaptation, solution oriented, and impulsiveness. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and holds a primal archetype. Aries gives us the power to fight courageously for emotional happiness and healing. To apply this energy to life as we know it now, a friend said something on a women’s circle call that really resonated with me when talking about why she practices self care. She stated so firmly “because I deserve it”. And we all do. We all deserve to be happy and healthy, we all deserve to live high quality lives, and that is what this year has been stirring up within the collective. Whether it’s the right to breathe, the right to work, and right to provide for our families, or the right to wake up and feel good, we all deserve it and will no longer stand for a lower quality of life. This astrological cycle is the activation of our inner warrior and the sacred rebel. You are being called into action my dear soul tribe!

I recently wrote a blog about Mars Retrograde and I highly recommend reading it because this Mars energy is ruling this chart and is vital to understanding where we may be feeling challenged in this time. Mars Retrograde is stirring up our deepest desires for action and it’s important to listen, take action when you can, and honor yourself when you need to rest. Mars usually wants to bloom outward like a rose, but instead we are being called to expand the inner realm.

Due to some planetary challenges, you may find yourself more inclined to complain. Instead of complaining, because all that does is push others away, recite your gratitudes and then ASK for what it is you need from others. The Sun is in Libra right now, so we are more likely to bend over backward for others in hopes of cultivating a relationship and we expect others to do the same. Do not assume people can read your body language or mind around this time, take back your power and assert your needs. It’s not up to you if the other person can or will oblige, but it is your responsibility to ask. There is deep emotional work to be done surrounding relationships, communication, and the self. This time of year is all about dancing with our shadow and falling deeply in love with it. Chiron, the wounded healer, is coupled with the Full Moon so we may be experiencing a lack of self confidence, just remember that done is better than perfect and now is the time to do the damn thing.

Both Aries and Libra are self love experts when it comes to taking care of themselves, and I hope you can be inspired to follow suit. Get a nice body oil, some sacred essential oils, or a face mask and treat yourself. If you’re a rose lover like myself, I highly advise some Rose Oil to counter the harsh fire of Aries, and appease the Libra lover. 

Prosperity is built from the little actions we take everyday. Capricorn energy has been ruling our year and this practice is exactly what Capricorn has mastered; small yet diligent actions performed daily. Work on your strategies to achieve your goals, journaling about anything that hasn’t been of the highest quality in your life and what you can implement to shift. Whether it’s a new exercise routine, a fiction book instead of non-fiction, a yoga membership, or setting your alarm to go off thirty minutes earlier, take one step at a time and just do it. Pay attention to what you’re desiring right now, as desire (ruled by mars) is the manifestation of power. Life wants to grow with and through you, just as plants, leaves, and flowers grow, our desires want to as well. 

I hope you have a chance to gaze into your manifesting quartz from the New Moon Ritual, and put her out in the moonlight with your other crystals on October First. If you are new and haven’t created your manifesting key, there’s still time. You’ll need a quartz crystal, a pen and journal, and an open mind. Meditate with your crystal on your deepest desires and dreams, and program the crystal by asking her to hold the vibration of this desire. Envision your future dancing in the crystal clear rainbows of the quartz, and then keep close by as a reminder of this vision. 

You are the lock and you are also the key, cultivating your highest vibe is the energy that sets you free.

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional