Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Aries, April 2021

Hello Starlings!

Happy April and blessed New Moon in Aries! We are celebrating this New Moon with a lot of fire, passion, and primordial energy as I am sure you can feel. This year has been potent in its deep teachings of the astrological mandala and the uniqueness of each sign so far due to the heavy influences of the sign in question in each chart. What I mean by this is many of the major players planet wise are weighing in close to the sign the sun is in, creating something called a stellium. We saw this in the last few charts this year and will see this playing out as the year goes on. 

A stellium gives us a multi facetious experience of the power behind each sign, acquainting us more intimately with the uniqueness of each of the Twelve Archetypes. This New Moon we have heavy Aries influence. Not only are the sun and moon coupled in this passionate, mars ruled section of the astrological mandala, but also Venus, Mercury, and the asteroid Chiron. This stellium ties our energy up in healing the way we communicate with those we love, and how we receive that love communicated back at us. 

Aries is the creator, the initiator, and the trailblazer. Aries climbs up tall mountains, knocks down walls, and breaks open new possibilities with its headstrong energy. Aries wants to take action, to do and make, and cannot be stopped. Ruled by Mars, Aries can sometimes come off a bit harsh to those who may not be fully ready for a change. Aries holds compassion for that, but will stop at nothing to create a new world for all. 

With the Sun and Moon in Aries, creating a new cycle with the New Moon, we are given an opportunity to quickly cut out the old and burn it away without paying it much mind. Aries isn’t worried about being wrong, Aries just wants to try something new. Allow this influence to guide you while creating New Moon intentions and manifestations, dream big and don’t worry if it goes against everything you thought you knew. Allow yourself the opportunity to be wrong, and know that the awareness of this will be the flames you need for rebirth. 

Chiron is the wounded healer, and when holding an influential presence in the chart, opens us to the opportunity to heal deep rooted belief systems, past pains, and the way our past choices influence the way we interact with the world today. Chiron in Aries asks that we bring awareness to all the times we have been inspired, created, and maybe not received the feedback we had hoped. Paired with Mercury, Chiron is here to heal all those times when you may have opened your heart fully and were met with judgement or offense from others. 

Chiron is here to heal the words of the past, and create a self-sustained biosphere of confidence within! Venus is also in Aries, influencing the chart to bring love into the forefront of your mind. This love could be that shared with another, your family, community, or even self-love. Venus in Aries is passionate, fiery, and sometimes a bit violent. Be aware of moments where your passion may be taking a turn to anger, especially in relationships with others or yourself. 

The blend of Chiron, Venus, and Mercury in the New Moon’s region in Mars is giving us the opportunity to heal the prominent, negating voices of the past and to break open into a new relationship with our creations. Use this energy to set the intention that your creations are important and deserve to breathe life on this planet. 

The ruler of this chart, Mars, is in the innovative sign of Gemini. Gemini is the ruler of communication, innovative ideas, and duality. You may find yourself working with the Chiron energy and having two separate internal conversations as you do. One voice may be saying yes, while the other no. Use this duality as your opportunity to explore all viewpoints, possibilities, and potentials. This is what Aries and Gemini thrive off of. This Gemini influence will keep you from being stuck in your ideas, but be careful of becoming too dogmatic in any belief. 

Most importantly, use this New Moon to get acquainted with the Aries Archetype! Usually there is too much outside noise from the other planets to truly feel the energy of the star of the show that month. Allow yourself to meet her, listen to what she has to offer, and see that energy blossoming in yourself. Now here are your New Moon affirmations!

New Moon Affirmations

  • I hold the primordial drive of the universe in my heart
  • My passions are my compass to a well-lived life
  • I am open to new ideas and belief systems
  • I heal my heart from old wounds and take my confidence into my own hands

Have a happy New Moon babes! Let me know on Instagram what is arising for you to heal and birth this New Moon!

All my love,