Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ New Moon in Aquarius, February 2021

Happy Love Month Totem Tribe! This New Moon in Aquarius is full of potent healing vibes and is probably the most important New Moon of the year, yet its attributes are subtle and work on a deeper level than we are used to. 

This New Moon activates the 9th house in the sky, the house of spirituality and the seeking of divine wisdom ruled by Sagittarius, and is inviting us to come into harmony with the tools that help hone in on our personal evolution. These tools may be things like apps on your phone that help you meditate (ex. insight timer), books that calibrate your mind to focusing on divinity and higher thought, malas to help you with your japa meditation, or even just the breath as a tool to drop you in and turn you on. Aquarius is an innovative sign, ruling our mind as it connects with the collective, and when the sun and moon are in the 9th house through the expression of Aquarius, can help us honor those systems and sacred objects that set us up for spiritual success. It is important to note though that the tools and tricks are not what is doing the work, it is you at an individual level… another teaching of Aquarius. 

Aquarius is the sign of the collective and how we relate on an individual level, and can invite dreams of global harmony, humanitarian values, and philanthropic goals. Aquarius asks us to get ourselves tuned up so that we can express our highest potentiality with meditation, self care, and asking questions that elicit us to lift our vibration to meet the answers. Once you feel confident in what you have to offer the world and your community you may fully relate to the collective consciousness and better play out your unique role.

We have six planets in Aquarius this New Moon, including Mercury Retrograde, so these teachings are more subtle than usual. When working with energies that are ultrafine we must identify the grosser expressions that we may be playing out and start to fine tune our personal articulations to something unseen and light. It can be hard to really get down to what this moon is offering for us, so taking some time to turn everything off and get silent on the days surrounding the New Moon will guide you to the truth that is wishing to be revealed at this time. 

Due to the planet Mercury, who is in Retrograde, being so close to this New Moon in Aquarius you may experience more technological hiccups than usual. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise and change, which is currently in the sign of Taurus. This planetary dance may cause us to feel as if the foundation beneath us is shaking our core. Frustrations and anger may arise due to this challenging connection and it’s important to step back when you notice you may want to say something you don’t really mean. Talk less, listen more, and ask yourself “is this necessary” before you speak. Mars is also in Taurus turning up the heat when it comes to our relation with the bigger picture of our lives. You may find yourself demanding that truth be revealed and a desire for transparency in your life role. You may be met with silence when asking this, know that it’s okay to not know the whole picture. Turn to practices that enlighten and activate your Third Eye, since this will be your guide through the inevitable shift we are all experiencing. 

I mentioned in December that on the Winter Solstice we were all given new soul contracts that will influence us for the next 200 years. If you have been feeling lost, confused, frustrated, and in need of a sign, know that this is most likely due to the uncomfortability that such a great soul shift has caused. Take time to care for yourself a little extra as your physical reality continues to shift and evolve to meet this new energetic reality that your soul is living in. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself for not knowing all the answers right now, and invite curiosity and excitement into the fact that you are now on a new soul adventure! 

The key here is to focus your energy on what inspires you, what lights you up, and what draws your energy toward it. These things are going to be key to not only your evolution, but to the eventual expression of your soul in the greater tapestry of the universe. Have fun with it, get curious, and be okay with failing at a couple of things. 

New Moon Affirmations

  • I am excited to explore the new dance my soul is choreographing
  • When things are not working, I can pivot toward a new direction
  • I am open to the subtle truths of the universe
  • I have fun with playing out different roles and trying on new hats
  • When met with a challenge I breathe in serenity, and I breath out a smile
  • I have all that I need always
  • I am more than what meets the eye

May this New Moon transmission meet your soul with ultimate love. May you find joy in playing out the truth of your being on the stage of life. May you relate to the collective with patience, respect, and admiration. 

Thank you for spending another moon with me!

Deeply Dimensional