Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Virgo, February 2021

The dreamy and expressive Pisces squares off to her divine lover the grounded and organized Virgo this full moon, February 27, and we are being gifted with all the good vibes! 

Hello Astro-tribe, I am excited to dive into this star dance with you all! We are being truly blessed by this full moon, as the grounded and stable energy of Virgo roots us into the here and now after what could be seen as a chaotic last six weeks. To recap what might have been throwing some of us sensitives off recently, we just got out of our first Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius this year which merged with a heightened energy of a six planet stellium in Aquarius. What a stellium means for us is that we may be feeling extremely thrown off our balance since so many planets are weighing down the astrological mandala to one sign. The cold, distant, and extremely creative energy of Aquarius may have been inspiring us while also causing a rift between connection to others. Now with the planets moving forward, we will start to relate more with our community and close relations in ways that we may have started to miss. 

The Sun is shining bright in Pisces right now, influencing us to dream up our highest expression for the next year. We may feel a little disassociated with our environment, as Pisces can sometimes influence, but this Full Moon is blessing us with Virgos grounded organization to help us anchor into our dreams momentarily and actualize them! Astrologically, the new year is not January first, but is instead day one of Aries season which is March 21, so if you’re feeling more like you are in a time of completion that is totally normal! Pisces is the divine dreamer who emotionally leads us to conjure up our manifestations for the upcoming year, as well as honor and release what didn’t actualize in the previous one. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is energetically charged with feeling dreamy, full of love, delusional, confused, and pulsating with mystical energy. 

Our lovely Moon is reflecting Virgos love, which is expressed in acts of service, building the dream, and caring for others deeply though literally taking care of them and their physical vessels. Virgo will be grounding the energy of the stellium and Mercury Retrograde, as well as the transition from Aquarius to Pisces season. We may be feeling more inclined to clean and organize our homes, to nest and create a sanctuary that feels safe to dream up our visions as the coming months call us more and more out of our cucoons. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the master communicator, so allow yourself time to journal all the feelings you may have been keeping bottled up this winter to be cleansed by the Moons vibrant glow. Now is also a good time to journal about what it would look like to live fully aligned to your dreams and goals as they are married to your self care and boundaries. It is possible to be organized and goal oriented while also holding space for our ethereal, cosmic self to explore our mental health. What would your day look like if you were to expand into the world around you, while also deeply expanding your inner world? 

Another impactful transition influencing us in this chart is Venus moving from Aquarius into Pisces. We may be feeling more romantic and emotionally charged than usual. Tune into this energy and co-create art, poetry, and interpersonal connections with it! Allow yourself to feel anything that comes up, whether it’s loneliness or deep connection, romance or loss. All is valid and important during this time. This planetary movement can shift our relationships, old and new, and inspire them with excitement and opportunity! Allow yourself to be open if that feels right and unleash your inner romantic! 

Full Moon Affirmations

  • I allow myself to open to the romance that arises from simply being present
  • I am aligned with my goals and my self care simultaneously
  • I carve out space to create my inner sanctuary
  • I create structures for opening up the space to dream unapologetically
  • I dream the highest reality and ground it down into this present moment

Thank you for exploring with me every month astro-fam! I am overjoyed to be flowing through this cosmic human experience with you all! 

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional