Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Taurus, October 2020

Aloha Astro Fam,

Hope you are all weathering the astrological storm well, we are in the final stretch of the strangeness that is 2020 (yes, you really did just read that) We have been experiencing planets retrograding up the wazoo, along with some challenging planetary face offs since about April so if you’ve been wondering when it’s “all going to end” I am here to be your guiding angel and tell you, soon!

Think, November 13 soon… Friday the 13th. Personal back story on this day before getting involved with all the astrological magic happening on the 31st. When I was a kid, about 7, I loved the number 13 and especially when it would land on a Friday… who knows? Well, people around me were always telling me it was unlucky, an omen, blah blah. I didn’t listen. I chose to see it as magic, unusual, and pure good luck. Honestly, I think I was prophesying this upcoming astro-event! This day is about to release all the tension of this last year, like a pressure release valve on a top notch InstaPot. Friday the 13th is when Mars goes direct, all of the other planets are direct at this point. The final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn wraps up on November 12, this happened three times during this year, and for context the last time there was a Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was during the Russian Plague of 1771. Jupiter-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn signifies a massive shift in culture, society, and the way work is done and abundance is received. 

October 31, 2020 is our beautiful blue moon in Taurus, a blue moon is defined as the second of two full moons in one month. Taurus is the sign of security, finances, beauty, self-care, comfort, and stubbornness, ruled by Venus. Venus is the ruler of this chart as a result. We have the sun in Scorpio, and the veil of the living and dead is thinned on this Wiccan New Year, Samhain. Tuning into the mystery of life after death may cause our emotions to crawl this full moon, but our most authentic expressions may be craving it. We have encountered many themes of death and dying this year, so instead of shying away this Full Moon, use the light of the lunar force to illuminate any shadows and honor this inevitable cycle of Life-Death-Life.

Taurus and Scorpio are two unusual, yet deeply magnetic signs, to be paired with one another. Taurus is the sign that wants to deeply care for Scorpio financially and materialistically, while Scorpio is doing the deeply spiritual work in hopes to bring back the wisdom of the shadows to share with humanity. When the moon is in Taurus our emotions feel deeply comforted by the pleasures of life. For example, food, skin care, crystals, and home goods. As a result we may have an inclination to overspend during this lunation and it’s deeply advised to make any spending on this moon an act of ceremony. Support local small businesses in your indulgences, knowing that money that goes into your local economy is recycled and elevates your whole community. 

With the Sun in Scorpio we may have been feeling more emotional lately, a little darker, and more inclined to seek truth no matter the consequence. Mars and Mercury retrograding isn’t going to help in getting to the bottom of anything, so instead allow yourself to indulge the Taurus Moon in sensory pleasures and take time to meditate and detox from technology. Try out some Gua Sha face massage with a delicious oil, trust me. There will be a lot of hidden information revealed in the coming weeks when these two planets go direct, so keep any opinions to yourself and instead be open to truth and trust of the divine plan. Burning White Sage during this full moon will prove to be especially cleansing. Welcome in the four main directions, the father sky, and mother earth before doing your cleanse so as to honor the lineage of the great medicine of Father Sage.

I would like to invite a daily gratitude practice as well, keeping a special journal on your altar or by your bedside purely for lists of gratitude. Start with 3-10 items on the list, be okay with repeating, find gratitude in even the simplest things. This will not only help you navigate the desire to shop during the Taurus Full Moon, but will get you started on cultivating this higher vibrational love energy as we approach the holiday season. Burn a candle in ceremony of your embarking on a gratitude journey, and make a vow to fill up every page with what life has blessed you with. The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for. 

Uranus is coupled with the Moon, inviting emotional liberation to all. Uranus wants us to be so utterly free from the karmic cycles we play out in our daily role, and asks us to lean into prayer and trust during these trying times. Creator wants us to be abundant, well, and full of joy and love. Trust in this, create affirmations around it, if you don’t believe it yet give yourself the opportunity to inquire and dive in. 

We have all been playing out our karmas, specific to each of us, so inquire what that is and how it’s showing up in your life. Pull cards to usher in the Wiccan New Year, as well as inquire about the end of this deep karmic cycle so that you can better visualize the energies at play in your life. The deck that is perfect for this upcoming season, if you have been seeking a new one or want to dive into your first, is the MoonChild Tarot. This deck is full of dreamy, aquarian imagery and is very on theme for the Dawn of Aquarius on December 21, 2020. 

This full moon truly is a completion, as full moons do embody. Allow a chapter in your life to close and move into your past. Allow the future to expand in front of you, rolling onward for miles. We are all embarking on an exciting, as well as scary new journey. Trust in what’s happening, be open to new ideas and new information, and for god's sake … bleed compassion. 

May this moon wrap up your old self,

May this moon open your heart to what’s ready to be birthed.

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional