Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2021

Hello my little moon babies,

Welcome back to your astro-love note, as always I dearly appreciate you and your desire to awaken to your cosmic self! This Full Moon, commonly known as the Pink Moon, is one of my favorites every year (if not my favorite) and not just because I am a Scorpio baby. This Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the bright Sun in Taurus, is the medicine our soul needs after the fiery Aries season. 

The Scorpio Full Moon is a healing salve perfectly gifted to us all after the radical birth from fire that is Aries. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little cooked by the end of the season, and the powerful cooling energy of the full moon is just what I need to signal my body to relax and integrate the powerful lessons that come from birth. Whether you have experienced a baby being born into the world or not, I am sure you are aware of the deep, ancestral power that is illuminated when new life is welcomed into this plane, as well as the energetic excitement from this new energy. Aries season represents the energetic blueprint of birth, and the Scorpio Full Moon in Taurus season follows so poetically it’s hard not to believe the perfection of the universe. 

Scorpio is the ruler of sex, power, and death, and with the full moons reflective light, offers us the opportunity to turn inward and reflect on what came through from Aries. Scorpio is the wisdom that lets us sit with death powerfully and intentionally, which is humbling after the creative dance of birthing. Scorpio symbolizes the drive to understand mysteries beyond our mundane thought process, and ignites the desire within to know and experience more. Scorpio is truth, which is essential to our creations and their rearing. 

Taurus season, ruled by venus, is the flowering of sprouts. Painted hills covered in wildflowers, big puffy clouds moving slowly overhead, and the warming of the earth all ignite our senses to remember what it means to be human having this experience. On top of the Sun in Taurus we have Venus, Mercury, and Uranus. Taurus energy is grounding down our love and communication from the possibly heightened energy of last month. Allow yourself to soothe your body and soul with delicious oils, beautiful crystal meditations, and yummy food. Connect with friends over dinner to discuss excitements and emotions. Move your body in rhythm with the earth, slow and sensual. Taurus is here to teach us about the pleasures of life, while Scorpio gives us the added flavor of impermanence. 

Another major player of this chart is Mars in Cancer. You may be feeling very emotional when it comes to topics that have ignited you lately. This is your opportunity to cry it all out under the illuminating Full Moon. Scorpio is here to be the radical lover you need to fully express yourself safely. Tune into what safety means to you on this blessed day and allow that to guide the way you care for yourself. 

We are at the beginning of Taurus season, so the endings that have been playing out from the last month may still feel raw and sensitive. Connect with this full moon as a time to illuminate what these endings mean for you. How they are altering your life vision, and their relationship to the intentions you set on the last New Moon. No need to attach yourself to any stories that may be arising, instead allow the sensations to rise and fall with your breath like the waves of the ocean crashing into shore. 

Because this moon calls for so much vulnerability, truth, and openness, instead of affirmations I would love to invite you to utilize a journaling practice to assist in integrating emotions and visions…

•How have my emotions fueled my desires in the last month? 

•Have any of the visions I committed myself to previously started to shapeshift? How?

•With the clarity of the moon, what is ready to die in me? 

•When I tune into my sexual power, what is it that turns me on to life? 

The most important thing to remember about Scorpio energy this full moon, is that Scorpio represents all the taboo subjects of our society. This may result in some strange illuminations and sensations, and even desires. All of these have their place in the human experience and deserve to be seen. As long as what is arising does not harm another or oneself, go for it. Let your freak flag fly! Taurus, the light that is illuminating this in all their sensual pleasure, loves to see this side of Scorpio energy. Taurus energy, the embodiment of beauty, loves to see and hold all aspects of the self with compassion and joy. 

I hope you can tune into your freaky little self this Full Moon in Scorpio. Time to shake off Aries season and bloom.

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional