Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 2021

Happy New Moon Sun Beams!

We are being blessed with the first eclipse of the year, and because of the closer proximity of the moon to earth it is also a super moon! This fiery blood moon visually mirrors the mutable and dynamic influence of this Full Moon in Sagittarius and is here to inspire and catalyze our vision for the future. 

The Moon and Sun are in a T-square with Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter, who is in Pisces. This T-square may influence misunderstandings on a personal and professional level, so pay extra attention to when you might be getting a little heated, step back, and invite a little comedy into the mix. Sagittarius’ superpower is laughter, as this sign is the primal sign of the maturation phase in the zodiac and has learned that through life’s trials and tribulations, laughter invites the light back in. 

Full Moons influence the energy of completion, harvesting, finalizing projects, and wrapping it all up. Sagittarius is the ruler of spiritual seeking, journeys, adventures, and metaphysical study so you may notice that your spiritual practices are becoming a bit dry and are calling for an upgrade. Now is the time to get that new book you’ve been looking at that holds ancient secrets for your next transformation. If you’re craving a new book but are unsure what to read I recommend The Bhagavad Gita (a classic must read for anyone practicing yoga), The Gift by Hafiz (a beautiful collection of Sufi Poetry), Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (if your spiritual practice is influenced deeply by creativity this is the book for you!), or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I personally have decided to re-dive into my study of The Recognition Sutras, translated by Christopher Wallis, but this book is not a light read so if that name jumps off the page you have been warned! 

Connect with the mutable power of change that this lunar event contains, with six planets in mutable signs, and allow it to catalyze a great shift in your spiritual life. Truth, another one of Sagittarius’ superpowers, is ringing clear on this Full Moon influencing a great change that is upon you. Saturn has recently begun its six month journey retrograde through aquarius, giving us the opportunity to deeply solidify the lessons of global impact, humanitarianism, and connection and the way our day to day influence the long run in all of these categories. This is a part of the maturation influence this lunar event is inspiring, and this Full Moon is an opportunity to harvest recent fruits to nourish you during this retrograde. 

Be careful of leaning too extremist with relationships and yourself. You may be questioning your power and allowing self deprecating thoughts to weigh you down. Know that this influence is only temporary, take yourself out of the story and connect to whatever cools you down and nourishes you. That could be a jump in pure water, breath-work, or journaling. There will be victim-abuser relationships playing out around the time of this Full Moon, know that those “labels’” are one in the same and that when you self-identify as a victim you are also claiming the energy of an abuser. Allow yourself to see the “you” in all beings. 

Allow yourself to connect with Sagittarius' magic of exploration, speculation, radical risks, and spiritual study. Be aware of when you may fall into judging others, when you may become too extremist, and when the energy gets a little too heated. This full moon eclipse is a fabulous opportunity to create a greater vision for yourSelf and to allow the accelerating energy of Eclipse-Magic to heighten the power of this vision. 

Above all, connect to fun and play, joy and laughter, as that is the prayer of Sagittarius to all. 

Full Moon Journaling

  • What is desiring a great shift in my life? How can I face the truth of this change? 
  • Where am I holding on to anger or judgement?
  • How can I invite humor into my life? 
  • How can I be more open to change? 
  • What is ending in my life? 
  • What am I excited about for the future? 

May these insights and downloads serve you well! From my heart to yours… Happy Full Moon!! 

In Joy,
Deeply Dimensional