Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020

Wow, tribe. I feel like it has been lifetimes since the New Moon. Based on the inscriptions in the cosmos, it was anticipated these times would get a little chaotic, but this is a revolution. Let’s get in it. 

Friday, June 5, at 12:12 we will be experiencing the first of three eclipses in one lunar cycle. In Sanskrit, the word madhya means “the gap”, or the space of bliss between inhales and exhales. An eclipse is a moment of experiencing a cosmic madhya, as a perfect celestial alignment between sun and moon causes us to temporarily slow down. There seems to be a greater theme in life right now which is - not being able to breathe. This began with the global forest fires, causing humanity to awaken to the pain and suffering of the earth. Then came the coronavirus, which directly impacts the respiratory system and caused us to fear for our elders and those immunocompromised. Now, we have the tragedy of George Floyd, whose last words were “I can’t breathe”, and thus a revolution for equality began and truth began to bubble to the surface. In this moment, the greatest medicine we have is remembering how precious each breath is and remembering to stay present with her. 

The Sagittarius lunar eclipse is opposing the Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in retrograde. I recommend looking back into the recurring themes since Venus went retrograde on May 13 (if you keep a journal, re-read the days surrounding, if you don’t have a journal I recommend getting one because this year is far from over). This will give you better insight into the area in your life begging you for growth. I also recommend looking back to the year 2012, the 12:12 is more significant than coincidence. May to June of 2012 was the last time that Venus retrograde in Gemini. This celestial situation is one of the main players in the trajectory of current events, our inner evolution, and how we all relate to love. Many beings on this planet began their awakening in 2012, and so looking back on similar life themes will also help you navigate your personal map of awakening, and hopefully use this eclipse to finally close that chapter.

Along with the eclipse, we have an exact square of the Sun and Moon to Mars, which is in Pisces. A square is a challenging aspect between planets, with Sun being expression, Moon being emotion, and Mars ruling our aggression, reaction, and passion. Mars is conjunct Neptune and the asteroid Ceres, also residing in Pisces. Basically-- shit is hitting the fan. When planets are in the sign of Pisces we tend to lose our grasp on reality as we know it, and with Neptune being a strong player right now, we are experiencing illusion, delusion, and confusion. Neptune is a planet composed of noxious gas that is toxic to life, so with Neptune’s energy pairing up with Mars’ go-getter aggression ask yourself; are you moving from a space of love or toxicity? An analogy for Neptune and Mars being conjunct is to imagine a massive bomb going off in the deepest space on the ocean. This is the catalyst to deep, subconscious change that is being asked of us right now. We also have Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and all you need to know here is that we are cleaning out the deep, nasty, sewer pipes of our deep unconscious for good.

Ceres is an asteroid that asks us to look at how we respond as a maternal figure; whether that is to our children, our career, our homes, even our partners, and especially in the case of loss. With Ceres next to Neptune we may be reacting to the global loss with toxicity, now is your chance to take a deep breath and find your footing. With Ceres squaring the sun and moon, we may be reacting to life’s tidal changes in a not so evolved way. 

We are moving from old and outdated ways of being to a new and innovative approach to life and her challenges. Beware - Mercury is in Cancer, so our minds may be responding more emotionally than usual. Logic has gone out the window, and we are most likely reacting instead of responding. We are getting triggered more easily, and this is not helping. I recommend meditating before taking action. No matter what that is, even if you just take three deep breaths.

This may be a painful process for many of us. The process of shedding is always uncomfortable, awkward, and filled with contractions. Regardless of the pain, this is our chance, we can either bleed again or birth, the choice is ours! Though all of this sounds a bit heavy, there is light! We have Sagittarius on our side in the realm of emotions, intuition, and illumination (Moon). If you have ever met a Sagittarius Moon being, you know it can be quite inspiring and irritating to be in their presence. They are extremely optimistic about the future and can laugh anything off, we can either open-heartedly embrace this approach to life or allow it to cause us frustration. Sagittarius inspires us to find the light in life. To be aware when we are allowing life to become too heavy and grab a bottle of wine, a friend, and head to the roof to pause while the world continues spinning. 

Sagittarius’ archetype is the Nomad. The Nomad travels, experiences new cultures, and falls in love with the community in every new place. From this, we learn how to love and let go. The Nomad knows how to say goodbye, no matter how painful it is. The Nomad continues, his head in the lap of the divine mother as she continues to guide him on his mission. This is the archetype we can embrace now, a goodbye to the old and outdated paradigm. We are being asked to trust in the greatest plans of the universe, and we are given tools like astrology and tarot to ease the anxiety that comes with needing to trust. It’s all going to be okay as long as we stick together, as long as we honor our ability to breathe, and as long as we continue to live true in heart. 

Full Moon Ritual ~ To support the era of light and justice. Get a white candle and eucalyptus oil, dress the candle in the oil and pray over this vessel. Pray for justice, for love, for change, and for illumination. Inscribe with a pen some words or names of those you want to invoke and honor. Light some Palo Santo to lift the vibration of your heart, then light the candle. I recommend getting a larger candle that you can continue to re-light throughout the month, every time you do, remembering your prayer and intention. 

Breath for Anxiety ~ Take a deep full inhale, filling your belly, chest, and throat with nourishing oxygen. Open mouth sigh it out “ahhh”. Let the sound of the exhale move from your heart. Continue this breath for as many rounds as needed, filling up more and more, and sighing a breath of relief each time. 

Sacred tools ~ To help you during this full moon: a journal, the book “The Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche, a white candle, eucalyptus oil, palo santo, amber resin or sacred jewelry with amber, rose quartz (I love to keep a big piece in my lap while I meditate and a small piece in my pocket at all times), and tigers eye. 

Thank you, all my love ~