Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Pisces, September 2021

Happy Full Moon Astro Babes! 

I missed you all during the last new moon in Virgo but, as the new moon influences, my soul received a call to turn inward. I hope you all had the opportunity to do the same, set radical intentions, and make a plan for your next lunar cycle. 

On to this Full Moon in Pisces; we are at the precipice of Autumn on this full moon and awaiting the cooling winds of pause and renewal. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, inspires questions about transcendence, the afterlife, and reincarnation. In tropical astrology, Pisces is at the tail end of winter and is influenced by the reabsorption of the ego into unity consciousness before it is reborn again on the spring equinox in the sign of Aries. Allow Pisces to take you on a vision quest and let your imagination take the reigns. Your creative exploration is the map to your future if you allow it. The moon rules our emotions and when in Pisces it can broaden our sensitivities and even evoke a “cry-baby” attitude if things don’t go our way, so give yourself patience if you have an unactualized dream, you do not need all the answers right now. 

Pisces can sometimes have difficulty communicating as the phrase “telepathy is my preferred form of communication” tends to rule their communication habits. The thing to remember is that no matter what you think you know, it’s important to verbally communicate and give others the opportunity to share with you how they are really feeling, not just what you perceive. Though this may sound obvious to your practical mind, too often we get caught up in allowing what we think others think of us to rule our emotions and decisions. This is especially heightened during the Pisces full moon so we need to take extra effort to respect others and listen to what they truly want to say. 

The sun in Virgo can be especially helpful in this regard, as Virgo’s practicality and grounded nature help level the watery nature of Pisces. Virgo is here to listen to Pisces’ dreams and visions and create a focused plan to achieve them. Virgo is great at clearing out the clutter, organizing time, and offering an unmatched devotion to those in their lives. Pisces is the muse to Virgo’s creations, Pisces inspires a new way of thinking. 

Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Libra, influencing a more balanced and intellectual way of communicating one’s desires. Libra avoids conflict like the plague and invites humility into conversations, replying to unnecessary arguments with a ‘you may be right’ attitude. Mars is usually hot headed, but in the sign of Libra it can act as a breath of fresh air. Mercury rules Virgo and so is this chart’s planetary ruler, reinforcing the importance of this conjunction. Mercury in Libra is just, balanced, and weighs all the options before making a decision. Allow this influence to inspire a more diplomatic approach to your visions and manifestations! Take the time to make pro and con lists, gather all the information, and compromise when the subject is not of crucial importance to your life. 

Venus in Scorpio adds a little spice to our love life on this full moon, pairing with the moon in Pisces’ sensitivities can be a perfect opportunity to take a chance on that spark you may feel with someone, get creative in the bedroom, and if you’re on a solo journey dive into what makes you feel pleasure-filled. Venus opposes Uranus in Taurus on this full moon, so allowing the space for events to get confusing, strange, or downright chaotic will provide the breathing room needed to keep the fire roaring. 

The final major player of this chart is the trine between Saturn, Mars, and the North Node. This trine has been impacting the last few new and full moons so I won’t go into it too much here, as you can take a peek back at the Full Moon in August’s astrology reading for a more indepth evaluation. What I will leave you with is that you need to continue to refine your vision, discipline, and actions so you can be fully aligned on your personal path to awakening. This trine invites very lucky and harmonious events into our lives, providing synchronicities toward our ultimate evolution! All you need to do is get clear, stay focused, and be open. 

May this full moon inspire your dreams and catalyze action toward your personal, professional, and communal growth! Allow the caretaking of Virgo to support your wild Piscean visions and most importantly communicate with love and respect. 

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional