Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Pisces, September 2020

Hello my little star babies!

Happy September and Happy Full Moon in Pisces. This full moon is particularly special to me because it marks the time of the celestial calendar where we have the illumination to see our deepest dreams and fantasies. The theme of this Moon is Venitian Canals, under moonlight floating on a gondola. There is a light fog dancing off the surface of the water as we travel through ancient history, and the distant hum of a heartfelt song is echoing off the rich walls of homes lining the waterway. 

This moon is particularly dreamy, as the chart is being ruled by the sacred Piscean energy, coupled with Neptune in her home sign. Magic is unfolding in our lives, only we may need to stop by our own soul funeral first. Asteroid Ceres, the mourning mother, is wedging Pisces between herself and Neptune. This energy in the eleventh house is opening us to grief regarding our own position in the community we reside in. This isn’t a scary thing, only something to be approached with honor and reverence, as a path we originally had set foot upon is now converging into an entirely new journey with a new climax, new characters, and new places to see. 

The Sun is in diligent and pure Virgo emulating a need for order, but the bright moon in Pisces is only reflecting the innate chaos that is life right back. Without awareness of the natural life flow, us humans being the order makers and the pull of our emotions being the chaotic tides that shake up the floor, we may spend this lunation feeling unrested and confused. Instead, surrender to the flow, organize what you can in the inner shelves, and be okay when the cat ends up running through your sanctuary and knocking everything back to the floor. Try to focus on the marriage of the earthly way of being to the divine celestial space all around and find heartfelt creative expression from that.

Working with crystals like larimar and purple agate will be particularly potent during this time. Larimar is the embodiment of sky and sea, opening us up to enlightenment and healing on all levels of the energetic body. Larimar aids in heart expansion through the soothing and peaceful clouds painting her surface. Purple agate is particularly helpful in aiding with meditation and spiritual development, opening us to unlimited potentiality and creative fantasies. These two crystals will enhance the Piscean magic that is ruling this chart, as well as soothe Virgo’s need to control, fix, and order. 

Matters of the heart may come up for us during this time as well, with Venus doing her dance with Saturn and Mars. Allow this sobering conversation to invite you deeper into inquisition to what your heart truly desires. Set the intention tomorrow to release the dense egoic perception on what love is and allow the love of the divine to guide us in all our relationships so we may love from an unconditional and ceremoniously heartfelt space. The animal totem coming up for this message is Cosmic Deer Medicine. By working with the ancient deer totem, you can be guided in a more gentle and motherly approach to love. The deer opens us up to the mysteries of life and invites us to regenerate ourselves through self-care and self-love. Use deer medicine to tune into your sensitivities and intuition of the unseen to better guide you into a space of love, compassion, and listening. 

Because we have Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn in our ninth house, now is a perfect time to start incorporating a ritual to expand consciousness into your daily routine. The ninth house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto - deeply spiritual energy, born to us to usher in the needed transformation our souls must undergo in this life. These planets have been challenging us since May, so using these catalysts to better expand our own conscious awareness is highly advised. Capricorn will support this new daily ritual and give us the strength to commit to our own awakening. I recommend turning into daily meditation followed by journaling. Now is a good time to start incorporating a Tarot practice into your routine if you have felt inclined. The Ethereal Visions Tarot deck is very Virgo meets Pisces, infusing the earthly purity of Virgo with the dreaminess of Pisces to aid us as we explore the realms of consciousness. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to better unearth the seat of your soul, and sit on your throne daily… Something we got a taste of recently in Leo season. 

The final occurrence I would like to touch upon is the planetary merge in our twelfth house. Our Twelfth house is ruled by Neptune and Pisces, the main energy of this whole chart. In this house, we have a dinner party with Mars in Aries and Uranus in Taurus. In this aspect we are receiving a full celestial upgrade to our ego and the drive that we have to create a life we feel satisfied living. This dinner party is throwing a lot of energy at Venus in Cancer and is challenging our own security in love. What this opens us up to is the ability to dream up the existence we want to live on earth with divine love as our compass, but only if we are okay with allowing what needs to pass, pass. 

All in all, this celestial dance is a super poetic, dreamy, and magical event. We are given a soothing balm for the transformative fire we have been enveloped in since March, and now we can bask in the cool moonlight, chart our travels with the stars, and be okay with the dark night of the soul. 

I have created some mantras for this chart, based on the activity in certain houses. Feel free to incorporate one or many into your daily ritual and Full Moon Releasing Ceremony. Feel into the resonance of the words, and notice any blockages that may arise when you speak the mantra out loud. Usually, the one that is most uncomfortable to say, is the medicine we need~

  • I am open to new ways of generating wealth, prosperity, and resources.
  • By setting the intention to be divine love and connecting with others I feel more safe in the world.
  • I use my creative expression to communicate my service to the world.
  • My creative expression is the key to my divine service.
  • I release and transform all the old ways of being. I allow myself to transform and move toward a world where all can be wealthy, healthy, and cared for.
  • When I incorporate consciousness elevating rituals into my routine I elevate my soul.
  • I release my egoic attachment to who I am in the community. I mourn the release with mother/love and allow the illusion to transform into my brightest fantasy.
  • I am receiving a full celestial upgrade in ego and material.

Happy Full Moon Babes & all my love,


Deeply Dimensional