Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Libra, March 2021

Dear Moon Babies,

Happy Astrological New Year! The sun has shifted into the primal and powerful sign of Aries, which may be causing things to get a little hot, and it is sparking the fuse for our diving manifestations to light up our cosmic sky. Aries season is fun, playful, explorative, and explosive! If you have ever met someone with dominant Aries energy in their chart, you know them as loving, carefree, maybe a little impulsive, and so wildly creative. Aries energy is the reflection of Pisces in that they mirror one another over the crossing of the Astro-Mandala. Pisces being the death and reabsorption into the divine, and Aries being the re-birth that is depicted across global cultures in Spring celebrations throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Aries brings the divine wisdom experienced in the liminal passing from end to beginning into the here and now. 

We are kicking off this New Year with a powerful Libra Full Moon. Libra, Aries’ opposite, brings functionality and balance to Aries’ somewhat erratic creations and manifestations. Libra’s Full Moon is the fresh breath of clean air we need while sitting in the primordial fire of Aries season. This fresh air is also the fuel we need to bring the wildfire into a controlled illumination. This Full Moon it’s advised to take some time to breathe, tune into your favorite meditation, and open yourself to the beauty that is rebirth. 

We have the planet Venus in Aries during this full moon, who is the ruler of Libra, and is inviting a re-ignition into any relationships that might have started feeling monotonous, uninspired, or downright boring. This Aries energy is going to be the fuel we need to have some wild nights with those we love, and will create stories for years. Allow yourself to be flexible with the current constraints of the material world. If gathering isn’t an option, use Aries creativity to problem solve how you can connect with others while still existing in this realm of lockdowns and limits. Become limitless beyond the material, a divine lesson Aries pulls into manifestation from Pisces season. Get funky with those you love. 

We have the gas giant Neptune, as well as the technological communicator Mercury, both in the sign of Pisces. These two planets coupled together in the sign of delusion, divinity, and emotions may be infusing our day with a hazy energy. If you are noticing on the days surrounding the Full Moon that you are having a bit of an out of body experience, this is your cue that a magical meditation is around the corner so drop all plans and allow yourself to sit with Spirit. Mercury in Pisces may be infusing the Venus in Aries energy with a little bit of extra emotion needed to conjure up the vulnerability required to connect deeply and from the heart. Allow yourself to cry, to laugh, to feel a little crazy as feelings pour through you. The combo of these two aspects is like hot lava pouring out of a newly erupted volcano… how on theme (if you didn’t know already, google ‘Volcano in Iceland’).

Mars, Aries’ ruler, is in Gemini. Gemini is an innovative thinker, a questioner, and an energy that is always two steps ahead. Mars is fueling this radicalness with power, combustion, and inspiration. Your creativity may be at an all time high surrounding the days of the Full Moon, but you may not know what direction to pour it into, or you may keep getting distracted. Challenge yourself to stick through any projects for at least an hour and use the pressure of distraction to reveal gems. I invite you to dive into any inspiring projects with an open heart, and the allowance to fail (something both Aries and Gemini are totally okay with… to an extent). 

I hope you are feeling inspired and ignited around this Full Moon. Try to keep any heated emotions in check as you may find yourself getting angry for no reason…. Or don’t! You could also use this as an excuse to allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of human emotion… just try to keep it to yourself and not inflict any pain on others as Mercury in Pisces will set off long-term trauma in your relationships if you’re not careful. 

Finally, here are some Full Moon Affirmations to draw you into your heart space and ignite your creative flow:

  • Sometimes feeling crazy is just what the doctor ordered, I allow myself to feel fully
  • When anger erupts in my body I channel it into cleansing instead of destruction
  • I used the fuel of excitement and wonder to transform
  • I am wild, I am free, I am inspired, I am passionate

May these full moon insights inspire and guide you! See you next lunar celebration!

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional