Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Aquarius, July 2021

Happy Full Moon Totem Tribe, 

This July Full Moon is power packed, exciting, and transformative as the Sun transitions into Leo the day before our luminous event. Leo is the sign of creativity, leadership, and personal power which draws its power and inspiration from the Sun. You may be feeling more inspired, embodied, and free after the nostalgic and heart opening Cancer season. Allow yourself to break out of the norm, try something new, and dance your expansive heart out. 

When the Moon is in Aquarius we may be feeling the need to channel this newfound creativity into collective healing and a humanitarian mindset. Allow yourself to be an inspired leader and radiate your light out to those who are seeking divinity. As you shine, you enlighten the path for others to walk, just as your teachers did for you. Aquarius moon may also create a disconnect to your heart, paired with Venus in the sign of Virgo, it may take some extra effort to connect to the ones you love from a heartfelt place. Be patient, listen carefully, and stay open as radical and sometimes confusing conversations arise. This Aquarius Moon deeply wants your transformation, ruled by Uranus, change is imminent. 

Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, carrying any unresolved lessons of the heart from this past month into Leo season to be illuminated. Communicate your emotional needs with those you love and allow the space for transmutation of your relationships to take place. Mars is conjunct Mercury in Leo, so the blending of these two planets’ energy may ignite passion and ego within these heartfelt conversations. You may also find that ego is taking center stage on social media, more than usual, allow yourself space to breath and pause whenever things get heated and remember that Cancer, the mother, just wants to nourish, and Leo, the pack leader, just wants to guide and protect. Though this can brew some misunderstandings, it all comes from a passionate place of love. 

Uranus, the ruler of this chart, is square to Saturn in Aquarius, in the sign of Taurus. A square aspect creates a challenge that is ready to be overcome. A square is combustive and a combination of energies ready to burst, expand, and eventually catalyse us forward. This square has the ability to break down our limited perceptions of what is meant to be now in the physical realm, and what we are building for the collective in the future. Uranus in Taurus is learning to become comfortable in the uncertainty, in the losses, and in change. Saturn in Aquarius is shifting our perspective from the self to the whole. With everything evolutionarily and globally so uncertain, seeing how your judgements of the collective and others is limiting you is what will ease this transition from solo journey, to walking each other home. 

All of this comes full circle to Leo Season’s Aquarius Full Moon. This Full Moon opens us to the opportunity to lead our communities with the light of love and healing. We learn to put others before us, as the leader of the pack does so passionately, and this will become our norm if we allow it. Be aware of where your ego may be driving and take a step back so that you can remind yourself that all that you carry, your wisdom, uniqueness, and power, is not actually for you but is instead a gift for the collective. 

Full Moon Affirmations

  • When I take a step back, the path clears along with my mind
  • When it comes to my community, I am patient and open
  • I relish my success with patience and joy 
  • My expression is unique to me and I choose to celebrate it

May you all have a joy filled, creatively inspired Full Moon! Until the New Moon…

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional