Astrological Insights & Invitations~ Full Moon in Leo, January 2021

Happy Full Moon Trilogy Tribe! This is our first full moon of the new year and is in the bright and creative sign of Leo. Leo is dynamic, captivating, and fiercely protective of their pack. When the moon is in Leo our emotions are asking to be expressed fully. Our emotions want to reveal our deepest desires, affections, and passions for how we want to relate to our community, family, and ambition. The full moon is opposed by the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius. This opposition can cause us to feel isolated and with Leo also ruling pride it may feel difficult to ask for help if we become overwhelmed or in need. There is a polarizing energy this full moon, as our need to be expressive is confronted with our need to “belong” within our community space. The lesson of this moon is uncovered when we understand that expressing our unique identity is the key to aligning with our community. 

I have been reading The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra, which is the book for the book club we are starting on this full moon day here at Trilogy. In The Book of Secrets, Chopra writes about how specific the functions of our organs are, and that although they are completing over 20 tasks each, none of their functions overlap with other organs. This metaphor is the perfect example of what this moon wishes to teach us. We must tune into our divine expression and unique blueprint so to better serve humanity as a whole. What makes us stand out is what also makes us an incredible asset to those who chose to invest their time and energy into us. Although the theme of this moon is to stand alone, we will see that we are fully supported by the universe as this uniqueness leads us to our people. 

The Sun and Jupiter are coupled together to empower us and invoke truth, creativity, and to blend us in harmony with the world and our divine purpose. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and growth and is getting an illuminating boost from the sun to reflect the need to focus on gaining knowledge and skills during this next lunar cycle. These two are asking us to let go of thinking we need to do it alone and invite us to invest in a teacher, workshop, program, or group to embark on higher learning. We want to start moving forward in an informed way as we rebuild the world from this last year. Following your passions and trusting in a teacher will be the keystone on the map of our lives moving forward. 

We have a T-square wrapped up in all this as well with Mars and Uranus in Taurus. This energy can make the ground feel shaky on the days leading up to and climaxing on the full moon the twenty-eighth. Uranus being the planet of change and surprise and Mars being the vibrant, and sometimes violent, energy needed to really force those changes whether we want them or not. Taurus craves routine, stability, and reliability so when these two planets are in Taurus challenging the Sun, Moon, and all the other planets in this Astro-soup we may be feeling out of control, alone, and scared. The medicine for a T-square is always the “missing sign” which in this case is Scorpio. Scorpio is hidden power, diving deep into unknown territory, and the ownership of our power. Scorpio is highly intuitive, emotional, and can even be a beacon of peace when in its evolved form. Tune into meditative practices and draw your awareness to the truth that this is just a moment in time and that change is the inevitable truth of the universe. This will soothe the dis-ease of this T-square challenge. Allow Scorpio’s lesson of Life-Death-Life to reveal what is ready to be shed and create space for what is rising in you. 

This full moon is a radical ending for us all which requires courage, power, and surrender. We may feel alone during this moon, and that is okay, sometimes we have to go the journey alone for a bit to remember why we are here. Stand in your power and be the beacon of light that the world desperately needs right now. Shut off the news and outside sources of “information” and tune into the wisdom that lives in your heart as it reveals to you what will need to change over the next four weeks. Practice acceptance during this time, and detach yourself from any desired outcome. Uranus wants to liberate us and the way we interact with our work, home, and each other. Saturn wants us to come up with a plan, and to become dedicated to the hard work required for the long haul. Jupiter is helping us change and evolve, and the Leo Moon is asking for us to draw up all of our courage, bravery, and creative power to move through any challenges and endings with a fresh and royal attitude. 

Affirmations for the Leo Full Moon

  • I am a courageous, powerful, and creative being of light. 
  • I move toward truth with openness and strength.
  • When I accept that it’s time to let go, I am liberated.
  • I am not alone. 
  • I have faith in the divine workings of the universe, God, and love. 
  • I am open to change. 

May these Astrological Insights guide you lovingly on your path, may you know you are never alone in this world, and may you shine your unique wavelength into the spectrum of light. 

All my love, 
Deeply Dimensional