Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Gemini, November 2020

The poeticism of this year, amidst challenges and heartaches, blossoms in perfect harmony this Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini. The stars have been dancing for us this 2020, inviting new ways of thinking and problem solving, leaving pertinent clues for our divine awakening as we dive in and question “what is all this for?” 

This Full Moon is a Partial Lunar Eclipse, inspiring the endings needed to usher in this new future. Eclipses are the perfect opportunity to plant seeds, set intentions, and allow your consciousness to expand further than ever imagined before. It is time to tell a new story, and now you can be the author of what your future will be. Do you want prosperity, love, travel, freedom, divine alignment? Tell the story and affirm it as you already have it.

This moon initiates the Quantum Leap into the era of air signs. Air signs rule all aspects of our mind and we are being taught how thoughts create what we want, they command the way we perceive the road in front of us as a sovereign charioteer. With the Sun in Sagittarius, the master of action, we are training this eclipse in HOW to take action toward this future and receive the blessings we have been manifesting. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and influences our conscious mind. Our conscious mind perceives and defines reality, makes decisions, and evaluates if we are truly enjoying life. The Lovers card in Tarot is ruled by Gemini, and appears when it is time to make a decision about a relationship. This relationship is not limited to one of love, but also includes work relationships, friendships, relationships to our environment and homes. If you’re not feeling ready to make this decision, or feeling stuck in what actions must take place, the universe is going to do it for you regardless. Fate takes control during this Moon and sacrifices what is being asked of us to shed. This is due to Mercury finishing up her journey through Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius on December first. Full on snake skin shedding vibes.

We also have a positive flow of energy coming from Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Capricorn sextile with Mercury, Sun, and Moon. This is a harmonious energy bestowing upon us opportunity, visions, and power to make decisions for the long term. This is an extremely positive full moon, something I haven’t been able to say much this last year. 

Sagittarius is the master manifestor, with sharp vision and a steady hand, this archer shoots for the stars and hits his mark every time. Check in with yourself to see if your actions are aligned with what you are ready to receive. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself, stay hyper-vigilant in the realm of your mind during this moon. Notice any outdated stories, belief systems, or patterns that no longer affirm the future you are ushering in. This Full Moon is reflecting off of this fire charged Sun and is lighting the way of our future. All possibilities, potentials, and paths are emerging from the forest. Strategies for problem solving are revealing themselves to us now as we say ‘out with the old, in with the new’. 

We still have the North Node in Gemini, where it will be placed until 2022. This heightens the energy of this moon and beautifully calls all aspects home. Gemini is the innovator, the nuanced thinker. Sagittarius finds his power in traditions. As we move away from the ‘traditional’ way of thinking and toward our new future, this moon reveals to us what we have been working toward since June 2020. Expect revelations during this moon. Take time to bask in this surprisingly hot lunar nectar and light a candle in a vigil of your past self. 

Now is the time to honor and appreciate all of our past ways of being, doing, and thinking. Thank your past self for all the decisions made previously, no matter how “wrong” they may look to you now, and get excited to jump into your future self. 


I am open to the magic of change in my life.

I courageously move toward my future with excitement.

I honor and release all past versions of myself, integrating the lessons with love.

I am sharp and focused as I look into the future.

I tell the story of my dreams, I lift up my life to the heavens and see my own divinity.

I respect the traditions of the past and use them as fuel to shape the future.

I am consciously creating a future that is prosperous for all.

May you celebrate all you have experienced, “good” and “bad”, this year as you aim your arrow to the stars. Dream big, shoot high, send your line to the realm of your highest visions. 

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional