Astrological Insights & Invitations, Full Moon in Cancer ~ December 2020

Aloha my astro-babes, I hope you have been finding bountiful and restful Holy Days this sacred December. The last time we were here it was the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and as a collective we were given massive downloads as to what needs to be released, what needs to be honored, and what we need to call in. From this download, we were given our individual soul contracts to initiate us into this new era of being and bestow upon us our divine mission. This self knowledge is what you need to focus on during this full moon, as it is the amplification of all we have been receiving in downloads and insights. We are closing out this year with a beautiful full moon, and I could not have asked for a better gift from the universe. 

The Full Moon is in her home sign of Cancer December 29/30, just a day before we close out 2020. When the moon is in her home, she creates the feeling of being supported and safe so that we may experience the full spectrum of our emotions rising, and anything we have been repressing since Cancer season in July. Cancer is the sign of the mother and the nurturer and during this time we may notice that our inner child has taken hold of the inner mega-phone and is communicating our deepest needs in an amplified way. This is good, as the wisdom of the inner child is the purest information of what we need to heal, create, or play with so as to support our soul expansion. The full moon is the phase of completion, when our 28 day cycle wraps up and we can say good-bye and find gratitude for the lessons, evolutions, and growth from the last month. Notice what emotions have been coming up for yourself since the last full moon, and any projects that may be calling for your attention now. 

The sun is balancing out the moon in the sign of Capricorn, paired with mercury, and is revealing to us the necessity of healthy emotional outlets and how they relate to our work and what we are building as not just stress relievers, but as creativity igniting soul medicine. The sun is shining light on the importance of our self-care, nourishment, and both the inner and outer homes we create. Mercury is influencing our expression to communicate this need with our familial, communal, and work relationships. When you can set up and communicate healthy boundaries to those around you, you are giving your community the inspiration and permission to do the same. Your self-care is not selfish, it is a needed boundary for those who are influenced by you to see, experience, and honor. It’s okay to say no to certain career requests during this time, as we are being asked by the moon to invest more energy into what we love to do, to experiment with an activity you may have always wanted to try, and to deeply honor and nourish our emotional selves. 

Uranus is sextile to the sun, moon, and mercury which is a beautiful and harmonizing cosmic event. Uranus is the planet of surprises, disruption, and liberation. Uranus wants us to live free from the activities that weigh us down and to feel enlivened by life and is currently in the sign of Taurus. Taurus usually does not find change comfortable, and rules our love, money, and relationships, with uranus activated in a sextile this day we may notice some major shifts happening, but due to the placements of the planets it will be a pleasurable change. This is your opportunity to go off the grain, to try out a new approach to life in your habits, hobbies, and actions with full support and encouragement from the universe. This is not only something that the universe wants from you, but it is also your remedy to the challenging T-square of Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries to the sun, moon, and mercury. Chiron’s placement may ignite feelings or anxiety, stress, frustration, and loneliness. The healing balm for this is uranus’ request to try something new and get out of the norm. This will usher you into the new year feeling comfortable with change, and open to countless blessings from your relationships, career, and personal goals. 

Pay attention to what you are wishing to release this full moon and practice a little water ceremony to do so. Journal about something that has been a recurring theme this year that you are ready to release. Journal about what it would feel like in your life to release it, what would change? Then hold a cup of good drinking water in your hands and envision this energy dancing around in the water. Thank it for the lessons and the protection it has always given you and let this energy know it is time to be transformed. Pour this cup of water onto a plant, in the ocean, or on the grass/snow outside. Envision this energy healing and nourishing the environment around you, fully alchemized into a powerful golden energy. Feel the spaciousness within you once you have fully released this energy and sit in meditation. Allow whatever new and beneficial energy wants to grow from this liquid gold to begin the process of growing. 

I have written some journaling prompts for you to dive into after your releasing ceremony so that you may be guided into creating the life of your dreams. I hope that if you decide to use them that they fill your heart with inspiration, joy, and excitement. 

Full Moon Journaling Prompts:

  • Who is one person I really look up to that is completely different from me? Why do I look up to them? What is one thing they do that I have always admired?
  • If I was given one million dollars everyday of my life, that resets at midnight, and all the problems on this planet were fixed (everyone was fed, had a home, etc), what would I do with that money and time? 
  • What was my favorite thing to do as a child? Do I still practice that activity? If not, why not? Do I have any desire to try it again, and if yes can I do it for fun today with no judgement?

May these astro-insights make your heart sing with joy and hope as we transition from 2020 to 2021, may you feel inspired to integrate and apply the lessons of this past year so as to rise into your fullest, brightest expression. 

All of my love, and Happy New Year!
Deeply Dimensional