Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Aries, October 2021

Happy Full Moon Truth Seekers, 

This one is a powerful one, and I feel so excited to share all the astro-insights to help guide you on your personal liberation. Full moons are a time of completion, cycles ending, and an opportunity to shed all that isn’t aligned with greater ease. Within ten days of this full moon, which is peaking Wednesday October 20, three planets station direct from their recent retrogrades. What this means is any stagnation you may have been feeling in the last three weeks, or even since May, will start to clear and new waters will start rushing through your life. 

This full moon in Aries is opposite the sun in Libra based on Tropical Astrology, which is a seasonal approach to astrology. When the moon is in Aries our emotions may feel a bit more primal, unpredictable, and brand new. There is also an angst felt by Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, rooted in its recent reincarnation from Pisces. Aries has this knowing from its previous life that is fading into the novice expression of this new life. This is where the headstrong behavior emanates from in Aries energy, and when influenced by the moon, an “I told you so” has the tendency to be thrown around. It’s easy to feel like you’ve been there and done that during this time, but try your best to breathe presence into every moment as each is new and awaiting you to absorb all it’s lessons. 

The sun in Libra influences beauty, balance, and justice into every moment. Contrasting the heat of Aries’ fiery expression, Libra brings a cool headed attitude to the table. Though Libra may be known for her indecisiveness, this is due to her ability to see all sides to every story. This helps balance Aries determination to essentially bulldoze problems and helps with seeing all the options ahead of a situation. Breathe patience into every experience you have surrounding this full moon, and allow yourself to surrender to the flow that is moving through every moment. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, aggression, passion, and force. Mars is currently in the sign of Virgo, which is influencing everyone to take emotional inventory of what is old and dirty. Virgo wants to clean up the residual gunk left over from seasonal transitions and compost it to nourishing soil. Now is a great opportunity to shed anything that might be causing you to be angry or upset and offer it to the earth to be transformed. You can do this through meditating on any issues arising in your life, writing about them and then burning the paper in symbolic transformation, or even asking a good friend if they would be open to listen to you while you vent. 

Now for the retrogrades! On October 11, after the 10/10 portal, Saturn returned direct and therefore finished up any old karmic cycles. You may have noticed some of this karma coming to the surface from the new moon until this Monday of 10/11, especially relating to long term success, career, money, and hard work. If anything funky or upsetting happened, take a moment to reflect and thank the situation for moving any residual karma from your life. I know that can be a challenging task but it is SO important to find grace and appreciation for life’s challenges so that we can learn and better ourselves for what is to come. The Monday before the full moon, 10/18, Mercury and Jupiter both station direct finally helping to catalyze movement back into our lives around travel, technology, expansion, communication, and luck. Many of us may find ourselves reinventing our careers or self image, many may find new energy surrounding projects or passions, and most will find a new spark in life. Communication will become easier, and technology will start to iron itself out after a month of unpredictability and failing systems. 

This full moon and all the planetary influences are a beautiful reason to celebrate this week. Dance it out, let yourself get inspired and spicy, and remember to stay in the moment with each new breath. The last year has been rough, as it has been since March 2020, but as we consciously choose to rise into our highest vibration, life will rise to meet us. Let the karmic sheddings melt off your shoulders as you passionately howl at the moon. 

Until next time…

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional