Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon in Aquarius, August 2021

Happy Full Moon magic seekers! 

This full moon in Aquarius may be feeling a little bit like deja vu, but you know what they say… When you get deja vu it means you’re on the right path! The reason you may be feeling this double take is because the sun is finishing their transit in Leo on this August 22 and the moon is having its second full moon this year in the sign of Aquarius! The last full moon in July was also an Aquarius full moon. There are some strange aspects about this moon, one being that it is a rare blue moon. A blue moon is an additional moon that occurs during a subdivision of a year, in this case we are experiencing four summer full moons in the Northern Hemisphere. With this second Aquarius full moon, we are being given the opportunity to revisit unfishished lessons from July, anything we were hoping would come to fruition that didn't, and possibly more celebration when we achieve our goals! 

As we spoke about last month, a full moon in Aquarius is focused on how our individual expression (Leo) impacts the collective energy (Aquarius). Aquarius asks us to consider the world and Leo asks how we are stepping up to lead the pack to the kind of world we want to see. You may also feel like you’re at a standstill, or that you’re not evolving in the way that you want to or as fast as you expected. When you’re feeling overwhelmed because an event or situation from last month flares up, take a deep breath and pull yourself back. See if you can witness the bigger picture and experience the energy of this full moon as a divine opportunity to revisit unfinished business. 

Leo season has felt very hot and transformative for many. If you’ve been feeling like you’re on the verge of getting burned, you will be happy to know that the moon will move into Pisces an hour after the full moon in Aquarius and the sun will soon move into Virgo later in the day. We are in the final degrees of this expression, and soon Fire Season will start to cool and we can wipe away the ashes with Virgo’s proclivity to cleanliness and purity. 

A major component of this astrological dance is a trine between the air signs. A trine is a harmonious flow of energy that highlights how our heart, mind, and body are supporting one another in relation to the element that is influencing them. When the air element is activated we have enhanced mental acuity and an ability to perceive the subtler elements of life.  Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in the sign of Libra which creates a charm to our interactions. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, is in the sign of Aquarius conjunct this Full Moon and is invoking a desire to go somewhere new, meet new people, or try something you’ve always been curious about. This conjunction is a beautifully harmonious aspect in the trine, as it connects deeply to our emotional, lunar energy to that which desires our success (Jupiter). The final point to this trine is the north node in Gemini. The north node is the direction humanity is moving and influences the daily advancement of life. When the North Node is in Gemini we are moving toward innovation, change, intelligence, and clear communication. This trine combines the energies of love, expansion, and innovation into a portal for evolution supported by the luminous full moon. 

The shadow side of a full moon in Aquarius is a tendency toward a “sheep” mindset. What this means is that as our ego dissolves under the light of the Aquarius Full Moon, and our individual self is absorbed into the collective, we are easily influenced and guided by forces that may not have our best interest in mind. Be aware of when you’re accepting suggestions or ideas as facts and take the time to drop into your heart, remember who you are, and do your own research. Though the Age of Aquarius is beautiful because of the enhanced collective consciousness, it dangerously dissolves our autonomy when we are not careful. This moon is a second opportunity to come to terms with how your individual self (Leo) can still be expressed in the whole of humanity (Aquarius). I feel this moon is extremely serendipitous during our first year in the Age of Aquarius, as this is our only Blue Moon of the year and the opportunity we have to revisit lessons we may not have fully understood in July.

Journal Prompts for this Full Moon!

  • What is it about “me” that I love, appreciate, and that makes me stand out?
  • What am I holding onto from the last full moon that is finally ready to be resolved? 
  • How am I contributing to the overall well being of my community and world at large?
  • What is something I’ve always wanted to do? Some place I’ve always wanted to visit? 
  • What is one thing I can do today to change up my daily routine in a healthy way? 

I hope these lunar insights benefit you, lift you up, and connect you deeper to the heart of universal flow! I love to hear from you all on social media so please reach out with any shares, questions, or insights of your own! 

All my love,
Deeply Dimensional