Welcome to August babes. This time of year I find myself romanticizing wide open fields with waves of dry, golden grass contrasting deep blue skies with puffy white clouds daring to break out into a sudden sunshower. The days move slower, and the heat invites us to rebel against our to-do lists and find a refreshing water source to purify in. Not to mention the inspiration to stay up all night just to feel cool winds brush against the dry sweat from the day as we dance under the sun.

To me, this is what Leo season is all about. Knowing that there are plenty of world challenges and pressures, but instead of allowing yourself to become defeated, they are used as an aesthetic. Leo is the King/Queen energy that rules over all obstacles and does so in this brilliant golden light. Personally, this is the medicine I need after the last six months where the weight of the world was starting to break me… talking to you Cancer season! We just spend the last month really sitting with our feelings and allowing nostalgia to choke us with her melancholy. 

But where does that summer nostalgia really come from? LEO SEASON! Cue the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats and fruit popsicles in the summer heat. This full moon happening August 3, 2020, at 8:59am PST is going to really amplify and reflect the good that comes out of times of struggle, inviting carefree optimism and hopefulness for the future. We have the Sun in 11* degrees Leo opposite the Moon in 11* Aquarius… 11’11 make a wish! Which is exactly what we’re all being invited to do! The next few months indicate a bit more struggle and striving toward a future that is beneficial and supportive to all, so while the feelings are good in Leo season (because of all that previously digest emotion from cancer season) it’s now time to make a wish!

Leo is the royal lion ruling; creativity, power, goals and desires, leadership, play, fun, and true visionary self-expression. Aquarius is the reflection of our collective, and the interconnectedness of our soul tribe, as well as trying something new and rebellion. When the two meet in the sky like this, reflecting back to one another we are being called to do the same in the microcosm of everyday life. Are you reflecting your highest self to the collective right now? Are you allowing yourself to be seen? Are you using your high vibe energy to rebel against the pain and suffering of the unified family with love, compassion, and genuine leadership?

Uranus, the planet of awakening and ruler of Aquarius in Taurus squaring off to the sun and moon could indicate a movement of kundalini, an awakening of the divine shakti that pours forth into reality as expression. This is an incredible time for breakthroughs so for the next week, I invite you to take at least five minutes in the morning to center and set the intention to listen to divine inspiration. This is a potent time for evolutions of friendships and creativity! Now is a good time to go for that beautiful bracelet or ring you’ve wanted. When we invest in ourselves, we are reminding our spirit that we are worthy of all the good things life has to offer. If you decide to purchase (or pull out something meaningful you already have), set it out in the full moon light and infuse it with an intention reminding yourself of your beauty, leadership, love, or magnetic wealth. Adorn yourselves, babes, you are a temple that deserves sacred offerings. Use this as a positive trigger to invite more self-love and abundance into your life.

We also have Venus conjunct the North Node (direction we are going) in Gemini, so the way we experience love, beauty, and compassion is having an upgrade as well! Moving from stagnant Sagittarius into the innovative and questioning Gemini! This paired with the evolution our creativity and collective will be experiencing is a seriously magical vibration! After the last few months, this is the medicine we need to not only take these previous experiences and use them to catalyze change but to also inspire new approaches for the coming months.

Some challenges also face us with this chart, in that Saturn is opposing Mercury which can feel a bit suffocating and frustrating when it comes to expressing ourselves. Saturn in Capricorn wants us to be focused solely on our long term work goals, where Mercury in Cancer wants us to be expressing how we feel in the here and now so that we can digest every experience and better move forward with experiential insight. To maneuver through this, journaling will be helpful, as well as really taking time for solo creation. Staying away from technology and others will aid in the upgrades that we are currently being offered with the sun and moon! This may sound a little counterproductive because of what I just said about community and creativity, but sometimes we have to tune in and remove ourselves before we can see everything clearly or hear the divine messages being offered. 

We may also be feeling a little stifled at home or work. Now is a good time to look over finances for the rest of the year, as this transit of Mercury and Saturn can bring up uncomfortable feelings around money or home life, making us feel we don't have enough. Tune into the magic of the Sun in Leo and genuinely tap into that Royalty. You are Kings and Queens, and challenges are the force that makes us stronger. 

We also have some Mars and Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter situations going on. Instead of diving into all that conflict energy, my main recommendation is to really take the next few days, especially Monday and Tuesday, to remove yourself from the public eye. Be alone, be creative, dance solo, light candles, adorn yourself in sacred jewelry and yummy oils. Be royal Lions. 

Now is the time to manifest, we are entering harvest season and have the potential to be reaping massive rewards not only for ourselves but fellow star brothers and sisters! Allow patience and presence to be your guiding light in this time… and remember HAVE FUN!

That's all for now my baby starseeds! Turn on some music and dance with me in the ethereal realms…

All my love and light,


Deeply Dimensional