Astrological Insights & Invitations ~ Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, July 2020

 Hello Tribe!

Hope you have all been well, hydrating yourselves, and reminding yourself that we're in the depths of Cancer season so it's okay to cry! Saturday, July 4th is the last full moon eclipse of the “Eclipse Portal” that opened on June 5, a third and rare eclipse. This is also the final eclipse in Capricorn for the next 8 years, an event that has been theming for 18 months. The sun will be in Capricorn and the moon in Cancer. Capricorn is the sign of dedicated, life-long work, contributing to our social structures and responsibility. When Capricorn is involved with an eclipse we are lifting the veil on what is working and what isn’t working in the greater scheme of things. Cancer, the mother, and ruler of our emotional rhythms is the complimentary sign to Capricorn. When these two signs marry in an eclipse, we have the ability to see clearly where our emotions may not be sustaining the long term plan, and how our long term plan may not be supporting our emotional well-being. The goal is to merge our dharma (cosmic law of order) with our Bhavana (feeling). Look back on the theme of your life the last 18 months, and notice where you have experienced the most growth, what your drive is, and where you may have been feeling the most resistance. 

Saturn, the planet of breaking through self-imposed limitations through intense self-identification, is the ruler of this chart as he has recently retrograded into Capricorn and will be really starting off the second half of the calendar year with a bang. We also have retrograding Jupiter and Pluto conjunct one another in Capricorn magnifying deep transformation, death themes, introspection, and entering a new phase of life. Unbalanced power is coming to light, and this is happening through the voice of the feminine. As empires fall and the dark guru archetype is exposed, how can we help with dismantling the power dynamics that have wounded us? 

When I think of Pluto and Jupiter being conjunct with one another, the Hindu mythology of the Churning of the Milky Sea arises for me. When Laksmi, supreme goodness and abundance, left the world after being disrespected by Indra as he could not see her value, all of the Shri (goodness) in the cosmos left with her. After some time the beings of the universe, famished and under control of demons, connected with Vishnu asking “what do we do!? Bring your wife back!” Vishnu knew he could not force her back, so he rounded up all the angels and demons to churn the milky sea, using the kundalini serpent to do so. As the beings churned, all sorts of things arose; a wish-granting cow, the amrit (nectar of immortality), and food. Along with all the shri, some nasty stuff came up too, one being the Halahala, a noxious gas that could poison the whole ocean. Shiva, the god of dissolution, drank up the noxious gas and held it in his throat chakra. Laksmi arises out of the ocean on a lotus and agrees to return. The reason this story is so relevant now is that we are being asked to do this churning of the milky sea within the microcosm and macrocosm. Pluto being lord shiva, and Jupiter being Visnu, bringing Laksmi (good fortune) back into the world we are currently inhabiting. We have to be Shiva in this case, and drink the noxious gas arising out of our own being and the world, and hold it in our purification center (throat).

In the cosmic map of the sky, we have a three-legged wobbly chair. Libra is the one sign that is missing from the cardinal cross (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra all showing up in the astro chart looking like a table), and so our job as awakened beings is to hold the vibration of Libra, to ask for both sides of the story and to listen before speaking. Tuning into Libra energy right now will help us heal the current state of affairs. Libra is the sign of balance, diplomatic speech, and divine cosmic order. This is a potent time for shamanic healing, and libra will be our medicine. As we balance the faults of society with our own faults, we will heal the fracturing of society by healing our own soul fractures. Become your own sovereign state, hold your autonomy and power as your own healer, now more than ever we are learning that we cannot fully rely on others to save us. 

Because of all this ending and pulling of weeds, we have cultivated the most fertile soil for new seeds to grow. This eclipse will be an amazing opportunity to manifest what you want the next eight years to look like emotionally, career-wise, relating to the world, and being your best self. What you focus on during the full moon will manifest in your life. So focus on healing, switch to plastic-free utensils and reusable items, learn to get uncomfortable, and be okay with being in that space. This eclipse especially focuses on practical security of yourself, your community, and the planet Gaia. Tune in, drop out. Now is the time to plant the seeds we wish to harvest in mid-September into early October when all the retrograding planets go direct. This is also a perfect time to clean your home, you may have been feeling the call to lighten the load in your home, get rid of things, donate, and deep clean. Say yes to the instinct, it will help you clear everything up and be ready for what is manifesting. Also, I recommend lighting a Space Clearing Candle, to aromatically clean any stagnant energy up, and maybe even spray some protecting room spray to hold a higher frequency, only allow love in. 

This may seem like a lot, but you are a spiritual warrior! I have faith in you, stay as sober as possible during this transit, clarity will bring your visions to light!

All of my love and lunar nectar,


Deeply Dimensional