The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal
The Goddess Journal

The Goddess Journal

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The Goddess
She of a thousand names
Framed within crystalline waters and floral offerings - this iconic Goddess is a bearer of love and grace. Illustrated with symbols in devotion to Mother energy.

This mysterious figure also wears the vulture headdress of the Goddess Mut, which has long been associated with Isis. 

Great Mother Isis is known as the feminine archetype of creation, healing, magic, and fertility and has been identified with many names throughout time.

She is most commonly known today by her Greek name, Isis; however, the ancient Egyptians knew her as Aset or Eset. 

Her name translates into “Queen of the Throne”, among her many celebrated titles.

It is believed by some that this image is actually the smiling visage of Queen Cleopatra in the luminous regalia of dear Aset. 

This journal has been formed for those who feel a deep connection with the energy of the Goddess and the magic of their teachings. 

This cover has also been designed to help uplift and support the sacred path of self-reflection through a greeting of the warm and gentle smile of the Goddess.

This book includes:
- A buttery soft exterior
- A ribbon to mark your pages
- A full-color experience
- A sturdy hardcover with beautiful gold foiling on the front and back
- Holographic gilding that shines with rainbow light
- 300 pages - a longer format than most journals - this is designed intentionally, for all of us who love magical grimoires
- Oracle/Tarot spread prompts that can connect to the oracle pages within
- A 9 x 7.25-inch frame

 This journal also includes three main pages that can be filled in at your own pace of inspiration and need not follow any chronological order.
Each template is woven together as a warm and supportive container for, however, your muse travels each day. 

 These include:
- Dotted-lined pages for all of your words, reflections, and expressions.
- 6-card oracle/Tarot spread pages for you to fill in with your readings.
- Reflective prompts for when a little direction is desired.

 About the love that went into this journal
The guided pages and details of this book have been specially designed with the intention of bringing a passion for journalling into one supportive space - to help awaken your imagination and nourish your dreams.

Throughout the book are also splashes of artwork to color your senses and soothe your heart. 

I hope you feel the curated magic imbued throughout these pages, along with new discoveries as you write and reflect. 

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