Octopus Pendant + Power Stone
Octopus Pendant + Power Stone
Octopus Pendant + Power Stone

Octopus Pendant + Power Stone

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▵  A sorcerer of the sea, the Power Octopus transforms its color & texture matching it’s surrounding in less than a second. This super power supports its adaptability and ability to thrive in the perilous depths.

▵ With 8 arms to receive, it teaches us to open our channels of prosperity, flooding us with gratitude for all the blessings rushing into our reality. Eight is the infinity symbol; reminding us we are not bound by these bodily vessels and that within us lies a treasure chest sheltering our sacred soul.

 We are innately limitless, balanced and one with the universe.

 The octopus can contort and squeeze itself into the smallest spots. Figuratively, flexibility is the opposite of resistance. When we resist, it persists. When we surrender and send love to each moment, we feel more peaceful and present.

 Its tentacles spiral out from it’s mouth representing our ongoing journey of self mastery and the evolution to our greatest potential. 

▵ We believe in the power of ancient animal wisdom and positive affirmations. Your Power Animal will help you deepen your connection to self, community and Mama Earth! Lead with your heart and be the change

▵ Every Purchase Plants a Tree with Eden Reforestation Projects in places like Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti & Mozambique!

✔ Double-Sided Wooden Animal Pendant
✔ Vegan Adjustable Black Cord
✔ Animal Oracle Card 

1.5 Diameter = SMALL
2 Diameter = REGULAR