New Moon Cosmic Surfer Surfer Medicine Bag

New Moon Cosmic Surfer Surfer Medicine Bag

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New Moon Cosmic Surfer
The magical moment of that glide across the water with such grace. The connection to the center, to the tides, to the moon, to the ocean, to this planet. To connect with the ocean is to strengthen your cosmic connection. This piece shows a fantasy setting that visually activates the sensation of connectivity that we feel when we ride the waves.

COSMIC COLLAGE ~ Digital art inspired by the great mystery of life, created by Lori Menna.


  • Digital Art printed on Recycled Poly/Cotton Canvas
  • Durable Micro Fiber Back
  • YKK zipper, leather pull
  • Bags are perfect for carrying essentials oils, make-up, toiletries, passports, tarot decks, money, credit cards, etc. 
  • Medium Bag: 7.5 x 6 inches